New Releases for you Filter

Great new release and love the ‘new releases for you’ feature! One addition to make it perfect is the ability to filter on tags and genres. It is now a giant blend of jazz, classical, pop/rock and cannot be filtered to the mood I am in at the moment. Love your product! Robert


Really like the “New Releases for You” feature. So I would like this feature request proposal. But maybe it could be even simpler? I miss the old record shops. Very difficult to find these days but that was where I used to do a lot of my personal “discovery”.

So maybe just a very simple segmentation of the display with only a few catagories, just like an old school record shop. New Releases, Staff (Roon) Recommendations, Classical, Jazz, Pop/Rock. Maybe a few others like Film Music, Compilations.

That could do the trick. Maybe even better to have a filter button with a dropdown to filter on genre or tag.


I agree - a genre filter would be great!