New remarkable Jazz releases Fall 2022

Let’s try a monthly thread on new jazz releases. Of course each of us can browse the “what’s new for you” section but maybe we can improve on that.
I’ll start with a couple of remarkable ones I just noticed;
Billy Cobham as jazz-rocky as ever

Tyshawn Sorey trio with Greg Osby - will they become the modern day version of the Coltrane quartet? I think it’s very very good

And I’ll close this with the Franco Ambroseti new album


Wonderful tribute in a weird but wonderful lineup of guitar, saxophone, three bass players and two drummers.


i played just a bit from this one last night - I’m not sure if they all play at once? or are they making different permutations with these players?

From what I gather, they were all in it together:

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Anything with Rich Perry is worth a listen

Giovanni Mirabasi new quartet

Comment not needed however careful listening is recommended. Available on Tidal and Qobuz.

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Just posted this fine new recording over on Now Playing Some Jazz. Well worth checking out!