New ROCK server doesn't allow me to add MSB DAC [needed beta firmware updated]

I’m switching from using my iMac as the Roon Core to a new NUC ROCK that’s been set-up successfully.

My MSB DAC can be used as an audio device on my iMac Core, see screenshot

however when I switch to the ROCK Core and try to add the MSB DAC I get a message saying it can’t be added…

This is very annoying as I’ve been using the MSB DAC successfully for 2-years and would like to be able to use it on my new ROCK.

Anyone know what the issue is?

What exact MSB dac do you have? You can check on the Roon website whether it listed as Roon Ready.

you can check here

This where I get confused, a DAC by itself is not a network player is it? , Therefore does not need to be Roon Ready. It could be Roon Tested. I have 2 Chord Dacs one claims to be tested the other not. The older Chord Qute HD is listed as unidentifed in audio setttings but works as intended attached via USB to an RPi4 running Ropieee. Perhaps I’m lucky but I guessed since it’s accepted by the Linux ALSA driver all is well.

It’s definitely certified…so should be working
Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 21.13.12

Have you checked whether you’re running the latest firmware on the DAC V? A reboot of the MSB and the ROCK is also worth a try if you ask me.

I just updated the firmware to the latest 1.4 and restarted both, all fixed thank you :pray:


Awesome :smiley:

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