New ROCK, which NUC, which RAM, which SSD, no computer professional needs help

Please ignore this choice. You should choose the fanless NUC like the picture below, which is the ultimate choice.

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The NUC Elements range is not available in many parts of the World.

Also, can you confirm that ROCK actually installs on this variant? Even if it does, I think Roon Labs would view this as a MOCK installation…

Hi Geoff,

I have ROCK running happily on a NUC Elements CMCR1ABA.


I already have this, but have not successfully installed ROCK. I have opened a new theme just now, hoping to get support from Roon Labs. Its BIOS is different from ordinary NUCs.
I tried many times but failed.
Personally, I think this is better than Nucleus because of its better anti-electromagnetic interference design.
Yes, I admit that this is less common, and with the computing unit, it also costs $300 to $500.
But I have to say that its hardware is indeed the most suitable for roon core.
Hope to see support from Roon Labs.