New ROCK, which NUC, which RAM, which SSD, no computer professional needs help

I am from Austria and want to buy new NUC with all the extra things to build a Roon Rock.
Please can someone help me and post links of the things that will work together, perhaps it is possible via I am not a computer freak and I am feared that I buy the wrong things.
Thank you

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I would recommend this NUC.

It comes loaded with Windows, that will be replaced by Rock (linux).

Depending the size of own album collection (ripped& downloads), I would add a 2,5” SSD. The sweetspot (price) is a 2TB disk , but less/more are available.
I would recommend a Samsung EVO (and not QVO), as this in principle will last longer and is not that much more expensive.

To set the system up you will need a screen, keyboard and mouse. Once up and running these can be removed

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I would also suggest getting two memory modules (two x 8 gig for a total of 16 gig) of the same size so that the NUC will run the memory in Dual channel mode (it will run faster to help if you have a large library or use DSP processing). It’s not absolutely needed but if you do it now it will save you the hassle of “upgrading” later if you run into issues with lag.

I would also suggest watching a video on the set-up to help you along.

This one is older but should still be applicable:

Or this one that is a little newer:

Also this guide:

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Also you might want to read this.

Roon Optimized Core Kit (ROCK)


thank you, my library is small and I make no DSP so I think an i7 is too much. but is the 1st option to put in the basket

Well, you can go for an i5 (or even i3), but you will not pay much less.

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Please take intoaccount that Intel stopped it’s NUC line (will be picked up by ASUS).
This means stocks are runing out, and prices will not decline.
I would not hesitate too long and grab one now you still can. Or wait for ASUS, but not sure if quaility level will be on par.

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Spending $600 on a discontinued NUC is excessive when Amazon carries numerous non NUC small form fanless computers in the $200 range.


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I recommend these parts for your use case:

Also, consider what you will use for your audio devices. For example, streaming transports, streaming DACs, streaming amps, and streaming speakers.

For a streaming transport, the best solution, in terms of price/performance, is the WiiM Pro. I recommend the version that’s bundled with the optional remote because that remote will work with Roon for play/pause/skip. This is more convenient than opening your tablet or smartphone.

Let us know how you get on with your build. Good luck!


already run WiiM Pro+ per coax into Hegel H95, thank you for your links

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For the extra cost Future Proof get an i7 an 16Gb RAM, then you can’t run out


I would recommend considering also a fanless case from Akasa, models Plato or Newton if you are willing to spend additional 150 Eur.

Your NUC will run completely silent and more reliable as you’ll never have to worry with a fan failure, or dust build up leading to overheating.

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While looking for components to build my NUC, I came across a few threads on reddit about incompatibility with Corsair RAM modules.

It’s worth checking out also the Intel compatibility certified page for NUC components (or something like that). It usually lists Kingston and Crucial but no Corsair.

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thx good to know

I’ve built a dozen NUCs for myself, friends and family using these Corsair Vengeance modules. I would not recommend them if I did not know that they work.


Anecdotal evidence, I know, but I experienced problems with Corsair RAM modules on a 6th gen NUC that I built some years ago. The (Windows) OS would hang for no apparent reason. I changed the RAM for another brand and everything was OK. I sold the Corsair RAM, and never heard any complaints from the buyer, so I assume they worked in his system without issue.

Sure, may not apply in every case and to all NUC gens, but knowing this has been reported, it’s still worth to do some checking before.

It seems it had to do with BIOS revisions too, and in some cases whether running one or two sticks.

I have Corsair in my gaming PC, no issues at all, and I was close to order Corsair for my NUC too, but because of this I thought to go with a Crucial spec which is supported by Intel.

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I’m fine with folks doing their own research, but I’m telling you that I’ve already verified. I built the Roon Server that I’m using right now from the same parts. Only difference is that mine is an i7 instead of an i5. However, I built three other i5 NUCs from EXACTLY these parts for other folks earlier this year.

Do your own research, but, again, I would not have recommended these parts if I did not know that they work together.

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I’m not doubting you, and in fact your experience is very helpful too for anyone in that situation.

By the way, I’m also running ROCK on a gen11-i5, but at the time, without any clear positive feedback like yours, I just didn’t want to risk it with Corsair.

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Better safe than sorry. :slight_smile:

It’s good memory. I always run MemTest86 for at least two hours before installing Roon OS. This gives the system a nice burn-in and provides confidence that there won’t be problems later with Roon dateabase corruption due to memory errors.

Memory bandwidth of 27 GB/s is pretty good.