New Roon experience

As stated here @crieke is always uptodate :smiley:
Is the update already on the QNAP appstore? Or what is the recommended proceeding? Also when taking part in the beta-testing program.

Roon Server is available on the QNAP store and isn’t difficult to install.

The recent September update relates only to the Roon client.

I was referring to major update Linux / core update

I looked for it yesterday, but couldn’t find it. So i suppose it’s not published yet.

I installed it yesterday: grafik


but for the new QTS 5.0

So lucky me, QTS 5.0 has not dropped yet for my NAS. Maybe @crieke needs to talk to QNAP about why it’s not offered for other QTS versions too?

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Also for my QNAP 670 Pro (latest QTS 4.3.6) there isn’t an update for the Roon package available.