New Roon Installation on Ubuntu 20.04 Can't connect to Roon

Roon Core Machine

Ubuntu 20.04
Intel i5 10400 2.9 ghz
32gb ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unifi Edge Router X with Unifi Access point

Connected Audio Devices

currently none. looking to get mac mini, and several Ropieee endpoints set up

Number of Tracks in Library

around 30k

Description of Issue

I have successfully installed Roon Server on my Ubuntu machine. I’ve opened up Roon on my mac mini, I see the Core I log in and all I get is the Roon logo. Nothing connects. This is a new installation of Roon (I previously had it installed on an old Mac Mini but it is dying a slow death so I’ve moved it to my Ubuntu machine)
I receive emails that I’ve logged into a new Roon connection. Please let me know what other information you need to help me troubleshoot!

Thanks in advance for all your knowledge and help!

Do you have a firewall running?
Do you have Antivirus running?
Can you ping the server PC?

I have default Ubuntu firewall running.
I don’t have anti-virus running currently.
I can ping, ssh, RDP into the server PC.

Kyle, on a typical Ubuntu install, the ufw firewall is going to block Roon. Check if it is enabled (sudo ufw status). Here’s a tutorial that you can follow to make firewall rules for Roon. There are a few posts on this forum, but be prepared for some reading and trying out different settings. This is a good starting point.

This may be relevant. I’ve been running Ubuntu Server 20.04 for my Roon servers since 20.04 was released with no issues. But Ubuntu Server does not use NetworkManager.

@NickMaz The firewall was not enabled. So I don’t think creating the rules to allow the port forwarding will do much. I’ve made them but I’m at work now and worried if I turn the firewall on I’ll lose connection to the server even though I’ve forwarded port 22 for SSH. I might try it when I get home

I made the switch to Network Manager and that didn’t help.

Not to NetworkManager, which is the default, but away from NetworkManager.

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