New Roon server for me

Im thinking to get new PC for,roon server and player, it would support 200k songs. I was thinking to buy something on intel i7 7700T processor etc… would be this processor enough?

16Gb ram,ssd are normal.

Sure, an i7 is apparently fine.

An i7 NUC with ROCK OS is the way ahead. RAM isn’t super important for Roon so 8 gig would probably do fine :slight_smile:

I have exactly that , big noisy desktop, i7, 16 Tb ram, 250 ssd ( A bit big really), 4 Tb HDD for music files

140k tracks

Ethernet to Router then Ethernet endpoint, RPi, Digione

Works fine even with DSP running bits


Try 16 Gb ram …

Yeah, you really can’t go too far wrong by adding more RAM.

My AMD Ryzen 7 2700x, 16gb RAM, 500gb 2.m with Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop and Roon Server installed works superfast and reliably for 145000 tracks. Be careful choosing reliable harddisks for your tracks though. My original new 6TB Seagate Barracuda has given me so much trouble I decided to replace with 2 4TB HGST Ultrastar disks.

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Was thinking to build something fanless and use it as player too.

The worse rep.

The best rep.

How do you cool this?

Just the fan from the box, works fine so far

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I have a small-box custom made fanless i7 with 32 gb and 500gb ssd. It is definitely overkill but the additional memory and storage cost very little. It has excellent sq when used with Fidelizer (purist mode). I am about to compare it to the Nucleus+, and keep the winner. Glad to provide more details if interested.

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Yes please, give me more info, and picture if you have it.

Im thinking about i7 7700t pc or 4core i7 nuc with rock os, both in fanless case.

Please give me info and picture

Hey, is this someone on the forum?


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Thank you. Well, still didnt buy anything. Now there are two options, both fanless

  • i7 8700t processor based pc
  • i7 quad core nuc, where i would instal ROCK

Both with 16gb ram.

What should i take?

Tempted by the i7 fanless it’s very cheap compared to others.

Nuc would be based on NUC7i7BNH. Is that enough for 200.000 songs and few zones? With Rock OS.

Hi, I have decided to go with the Nucleus + and now would like to sell the fanless i7. If you are interested please contact me. Price is $1000.