New RopieeeXL no longer has a 'Bluetooth' sub-tab under the 'RoPieeeXL' tab


I am in the process of updating my RopieeeXL endpoints to the new version* and noticed that it no longer has a ‘Bluetooth’ sub-tab under the ‘RoPieeeXL’ tab. What is the reason for that?


  • RoPieeeXL 2022.04 (0180)

Streaming via Bluetooth is no longer supported, as of April 2022.

(from page 5 of

Thank you, @Otto_Wilhelm !

That is bad news for me since I use bluetooth streaming extensively on one of my endpoints.

Does anybody know what the reasoning was behind the decision to remove BT support?
Are there any plans to bring BT back?


From a prior thread from @spockfish :

I also used the bluetooth functionality on one of my endpoints too, but I understand (and accept) Harry’s perspective on this.

I tried to install Bluetooth on a DietPi installation but it is difficult and doesn’t work easy once installed.
You can try Volumio. That offers Bluetooth and you can install RoonBridge as a plugin.

Thank you, @Nathan_Wilkes and @Joost_Hoogland!

As a former software engineer I can certainly empathize with @spockfish 's decision. Let’s hope that some time soon technology will have advanced to make BT support painless to implement. Until then, I’ll hold on to that old RoPieeeXL image, and when that goes belly up try Volumio or something similar.


Keep 2 SD cards, one with and one without.