New Rossini firmware arrived

RoonReady for my Rossini DAC.
Thank you Leonard Cohen for sending this from heaven…
These are our feelings at this moment.

Thank you Leonard Cohen. I also downloaded the new firmware. Now for the setup…

Enjoy! Setup is really straightforward but please don’t hesitate to ask should you have any questions.

Installing the new firmware (with RoonReady) was not difficult.
But after playing some different tracks op a playlist:
A problem when chancing from DSD to Flac 24-192 or less files.
Then every track “plays” 1 sec and going to the next track.
The only way to stop this, was to stop RoonServer.
And I’ve had to restart the dCS, my SonicTransporter i7 with RoonServer before showing RoonReady logo again.
After I had to do that several times, I found out when “he” did that.
The dCS takes some time to switch the sample rate.
Then I changed the default Resync Delay DAC setting of 100ms to 1000ms.
Then, the problem no longer occurred, pfff
And a question:
Why limit the sampling rate in the settings?
The DAC can all play them?

Indeed, the Rossini can play all of this listed sample rates. The ability to limit them is just built-in functionality within Roon. Setting all three options at “Disabled” is the way to go.

The behavior that you’ve described with sample rate changes is due to how the Rossini DAC and the network card deal with changes in the stream format. Changes in stream format require the DAC to go through a process that involves potentially syncing to a different clock as well as loading different DSP and filter settings. This is a relatively quick process on the Rossini, but it does take a little bit of time.

Due to the way that RAAT works dCS handles sample rate changes with Roon a little differently than with UPnP (or even USB). dCS is working very hard to further improve this behavior.

I’ve been running with a 2000ms delay as 1000ms can be a bit short for some transitions (mostly involving switching between PCM and DSD).

Should you run into the situation that you’ve described you don’t need to reboot your server:

  1. Long-press the play/pause button in Roon (this will stop playback and destroy the Roon stream).
  2. Reboot the Rossini (Long press the power button until the display says “POWER OFF” then release it. Wait 10 seconds and press the power button again.

Thanks Andrew,

This works fine, but the problem, also with 2000ms is not gone, so…
Only ones, from a 16-44 to a 24-192 file.

I asked dCS about this issue, this is what they write:
I’m sorry to read that you are experiencing an issue when switching between sample rates.
We are aware there is an issue here and we are investigating this alongside Roon.
Rest assured, we are working tirelessly together to get to the bottom of this and we will have a solution for your soon.

In relation to your query regarding the Resync Delay Mode on Roon, this should work fine with either setting you’ve identified below. I believe this setting is there for DAC’s that take a longer time to adjust to a change in sample rates. Our DAC’s will switch sample rates very very quickly. If you are experiencing that the first second or two is being cut off from the opening of the track, then by all means make the Resync Delay a little longer, but between 100-2000ms should be adequate.

dCS released new firmware for the Rossini Player and DAC today. Among other things this addresses the issue of the network card locking up occasionally when playing a Roon queue with files that have multiple sample rates.

This update also addresses the occasional static / pops during track transition when playing DSD files.

Update is available via the Rossini app and should bring the network version to 323 and the Control / Display version to 1.05.

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Thanks Andrew, I will install it!

Updated the firmware.
Everything is working as it should.
Roon 1.3: GO!!!, ha ha.

The problems are still not completely gone.
When playing with different samplerates de dCS Rossini DAC stop playing.
This does not happen often but when I play shuffling at least 2 times a day.
Via UPNP same tracks no problems.
With Microrendu and Aurender DAC/amplifier and the same tracks no problems.