New set up. Roon does not see my OPPO 105

One suggestion: if you do go with the HifiBerry board, I’d strongly recommend buying directly from them, in light of my experience with their amazing customer service.

I bought an Amp2 board from them. 9 months in, it started making a popping noise in one channel. Since it was still under warranty, I emailed customer support to request an RMA number, so that I could ship the defective board back to them for service.

This was late on a Friday afternoon, US time, so I didn’t really expect a response until Monday. Imagine my surprise when I received an email an hour later from customer support in Switzerland (they’re a Swiss company). He asked if I had a digital voltmeter and was willing to run a few tests. I said, “Of course.” He sent me instructions, I ran the tests, and emailed him back the results. By this point, it was really late, Swiss time. But the next morning (Saturday), he emailed that, yup, the board was defective and they would send out a replacement free of charge. Since I’d originally purchased the board through the US office, that’d have to wait till Monday (apparently, the US office doesn’t work weekends). But, first thing Monday morning, I got an email from the US office that they were shipping the replacement board.

Long story short, I had the replacement in less than a week (and it’s worked fine ever since). Amazon is great, but there would have been a lot more hoops to jump through if I’d purchased through them instead of directly.

The RoPieeeXL software supports WIFI. How well it works, I don’t know.

I bought a 1 GB Raspberry Pi 4 kit with the power supply, memory card and case.

Put it together in about 15 minutes… loaded RopieeeXL and set up wifi. I use the USB out into my Oppo 105. Sounds great, and was really easy to do.

Good luck!

Thanks. Is this just USN or analog as well? I saw some videos that showed that when you loaded the RopieeeXL software , you needed to have the Pi also connected to the DAC at the same time as downloading to from you PC to the card? Is that true? Do you happen to have the links of what/where you bought everything? Thanks again

Here’s the link to the kit on Amazon. I bought the 1GB model - you do not need more memory to run RopieeeXL. Save your money, buy more music…

Canakit Raspberry Pi 4 kit

This is for USB. The Oppo 105 sounds great, so I use it’s USB.

(You will need a USB cable between the Raspberry Pi and the Oppo, not included in the kit. It’s a standard A to B “printer” type cable, you may already have one.)

I did not need to have the Pi connected to the DAC when doing the installation. The only thing was that I had to set up RopieeeXL with the Pi hardwired to my network first, and then change the setup to wifi.

But again, very easy to do…


You can order the individual parts for $74.


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Thanks doing a little more work here. According to the Ropieee starter page, it looks like you need a 4gb SD card. Yet others have mention 1gb is sufficient ?

No, you need 4 GB SD card but only 1 GB RAM on the Raspberry Pi 4. I bought a 16 GB SD card because it was only $5.79. I might want to use it for something else in the future.


Thanks James

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weird that Roon doesn’t see it. Audirvana connects to my oppo 105 via ethernet no problem.

@Rodrigo_SEPULVEDA_SC Thx. Yes once I connected it via Ethernet Roon was able to see it. However I moved on from the Oppo as a DAC.

As said many times Roon does not use UPnP, Audivarna does. Roon can directly connect to devices overr the network that use either airplay, chromecast, Sonos devices, KEF speakers, Linn streamers and and for best performance any devices that are classed as Roon Ready and support their own protocol RAAT.

@CrystalGipsy. Yes. It’s a beaten over topic. Once the DAC(Oppo) was connected to the network everything worked great.