New set up. Roon does not see my OPPO 105

Cant seem to find it on the audio selection . I know it working, I was able to use it on my trial of Audirvana .

From March 2019-

It seems to connect to the OPPO 105 thru Ethernet or WiFi, you’ll need a Roon Ready endpoint.
Can connect with USB from your Core machine.

Thanks. I the Oppo 105 connected vis WiFi. What is a Roon ready endpoint ?

That’s a big question. Basically, any device that supports Roon’s RAAT protocol.

RPi SBC running RoonBridge would be one.

Many streamers such as an SoTM SMS-200 and the like.

Looks like you might need to read up on Roon’s architecture here -

Thanks. I was really hoping to purchase the Roon platform. However if I cant utilize my Oppo 105, its a no go. Very nice platform!

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You can use your Oppo 105 but you’ll need to put another device ahead of it to connect to whatever computer you’re using to run the Roon core. For instance, I just assembled a Raspberry Pi 4 that I bought on Amazon for $74 for this purpose.

Thanks. I guess I could use my squeezebox touch? I was hoping to eliminate as much devices as possible. Not sure why I can use Audirvana and Jriver with my 105 and not Roon?

Many people do that.

Because Roon has its own protocol (RAAT) and doesn’t use DLNA.

Your Oppo 105 is not Roon ready. The Oppo 203 and 205 are.

Thanks all. I was looking for an easy solution to replace my current set up. I currently have my SQT connected to my 105 while use LMS and EDO. Problem is LMS blows using Catalina. I really like how I can use Audirvana directly to the 105. Not looking to drop $600 on software and buy another piece of equipment to utilize my 105(which sounds great BTW).

You can assemble a Raspberry Pi 4 for $74 and sign up for a year of Roon for $119 to see if you like it. I’m confident you will.

Thanks James. Is it difficult to assemble? Are there any tools or soldering involved? It looks like the kit includes a fan? Also the unit would be attached to my Oppo ? Via USB?

It’s a simple matter of sticking the computer in a case and inserting 4 screws. The case I used does not use a fan. Some cases might. I ordered everything from Amazon:

Raspberry Pi 4 - $41.98
FLIRC Case - $15.95
CanaKit Power Supply - $9.99
SanDisk 16GB micro SD Card - $5.79
Total - $73.71 including freight

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Thanks again. I was just looking at some videos. Do I need to install software on the Pi? Also is there a version that utilizes USB and analog inputs?

I’m certainly not the Raspberry Pi expert here. You do need to install RoPieee or another software. There is a lot of information on this site from people who know far more than I.

You can use the USB out, or you can buy a “Hat” (daughter card) like this one (along with the corresponding case) and use the S/PDIF output.

@Peter_Rustin recently did the latter and is … very pleased … with the result. I’m sure he’d be happy to guide you through the steps he took.

Believe me if I can do it anyone can. Go to and at the bottom of the getting started page is a step by step beginners guide. Print it out and follow. Easy.

If you need guidance as to components lmk.

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Thanks. Yes! Any help with components would be great. Seems like so many choices.

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I did this:

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (B Plus) with 2.5A Power Supply (UL Listed)

HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro
—this gives a coax digital output. Not sure if that’s what you need.

GeauxRobot Raspberry Pi 3B+/3B 2-layer Dog Bone Stack Clear Case Box Enclosure also for Pi 2B B+ A+

SanDisk 16GB Ultra MicroSDHC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter - 98MB/s, C10, U1, Full HD, A1, Micro SD Card - SDSQUAR-016G-GN6MA

Others may weigh in. It all screws together. Not much by way of instructions but it’s pretty intuitive. You’ll only need 2 of the case layers.

Follow beginner guide. Mine worked first time and really sounds great. I dig the clear case but that’s not dogma either.

Note that you will need to connect via Ethernet. There may be WiFi way to do this, I think with ropieee xl, but above my pay grade. All will agree I think that Ethernet connection is way to go if you can.

Thanks. That’s a great start. Unfortunately I do need WiFi.

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