New settings for McIntosh + Roon (now tested)

Very happy to read that McIntosh is now Roon tested. I use a C52 and was wondering what improvements this will bring to my system and how I should change/update the settings to get the best out of this combination (Auralic Aries G1 + McIntosh C52).



Christoph I think I’ve mentioned to you in the past but you will get the best results and avoid McIntosh’s terrible USB interface by using Coax or using the optical digital input.

You could also try Auralic’s resampling using one of the 4 filters. I preferred Dynamic.

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Yeah - Im using Coax and am very happy with the results Im getting with an Audioquest Coffee.

But apparently it is necessary to change the Roon settings now that McIntosh is Roon tested… so my question was not concernig the hardware but much more which settings to use in Roon to get the best results…

Not sure why you would think that? Restarting your core might now list the C52 as tested that’s about it.

There won’t be additional functionailty or changes with it now being officially tested.

Ah - okay… Mail from McIntosh sounded like there would be new settings necessary - thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

… so theres no real advantage in McIntosh beeing Roon tested otherthan the Fact that it`s now Roon tested and will show up differently in the Audio Settings…?

… no McIntosh appearing in my device setup… maybe because of the Coax connection?

Setup my MAC7200 as a recognized device today. Awesome!!

How did. you do it? Can‘t find my McIntosh in the Roon Aufio Sertings…

It was available under device setup. Originally it was listed as an unidentified device with a link to identify it. Click the link, find the McIntosh logo, click on the logo, select the device.
My setup is using USB so maybe that is the difference?

Im totally confused. Must i run a Streaming device to my 7200 in order to benefits of Roon?

Same here - I use my Auralic Aries G1 via Coax into the McIntosh C52. In Roon under “Settings/Audio” I can only find the Auralic under “Roon Ready”… it does not list “Bridge Device” and “Audio Device” separately but has my Auralic listed under Audio Device… also no button for manual search… what`s to be done?

Yeah, I have the same question. I use an Allo Signature for Coax & USBridge for USB into my C52 and I don’t see the separation of Bridge Device & Audio Device.

If you aren’t using USB there is really no reason to worry about it. The device in front of your DAC should report the proper bit depth options and sample rate back to Roon.

Roon tested isn’t really anything more than getting parameters into a database to ensure proper configuration for users. There is not real optimization or sound quality improvements to be had.

In fact in this case Roon Tested hasn’t alleviated the McIntosh USB issues at all.

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I was actually rather concerned by this at first… but the sound I get from the C52 via Coax is so fantastic that I feel no need for a USB connection… just enjoy music… :v::blush:

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What are the McIntosh USB issues? I have a very small click when switching between PCM and DSD but other than that, mine has been fantastic!

Switch from PCM to DSD256 which requires direct DSD. If using DOP to deliver DSD64/128 the issue isn’t as bad.

Okay - I have had DoP setup since day one and only notice a very small “tic” sound when moving between PCM and DSD. Not a big deal at all. I have one DSD128 source and have played it without changing any settings - I assume using DoP.
It’s also worth noting that I setup DoP before and now that I have the MAC7200 setup as the audio device, I don’t see the DoP option any more. Maybe that was one of the settings that gets setup automatically by selecting a device.
In any case - I’m very happy with the MacIntosh DAC that is installed in my MAC7200.

Okay - now I remember.
Native DSD or DoP is set in my UltraRendu. If I set the UltraRendu to Native DSD roon converts all DSD to PCM. I can see the bitrate displayed on my MAC7200. If I set the UltraRendu to DoP then my MAC7200 will play DSD directly which it displays as DSD64 or DSD128 depending on the source material. I don’t’ have anything above DSD128.
With these settings, I get a VERY slight “tick” sound when switching between DSD and PCM.

There’s also an issue where the first few moments of tracks are muted. When I contacted McIntosh support this was their response:

"DAC’s can decode more than one format or resolution; the digital signal has a flag in it to let the DAC know how to decode it. This takes a few bits, so, the first ½ second is muted, because, if the format has changed from the last thing it decoded, it will decode wrong and a burst of noise comes out the system.
In the past, CD’s and digital tracks almost always have a couple seconds of silence (sending all zeros) to give the DAC a sec to properly decode. But, the record companies selling digital tracks have forgotten about this and some tracks start at time [0:00] instead of [0:03] watch the time go by on a CD and notice this).

So, we can mute to avoid noise bursts, or not mute and risk, (sometimes loud and possibly dangerous to tweeters) noise bursts. AS you are playing USB, I assume it is from a computer, see if your music playback program can add a little silence between tracks.

We have not added a feature to defeat the mute in C52 firmware updates."

Roon can add these extra zeros for you, in your device settings “Resync Delay”

You can start with 100ms or 500ms.