New Spotify Discovery features

As always new features get mixed reviews.

  1. DJ - spinning up a set of songs is nothing new (Spotify typically does good at this). The DJ feature adds an AI voice to mixup the sections of songs and tell you what’s happening. I thought I would hate it, but its not bad for a first release.

  2. Scrolling feed on the iPhone and Android apps. A scrolling list of songs, videos, where you can get short clips of possible things to listen to. If its a possible play list, you can swipe left or right into the songs.

I only use Spotify for certain very poppy/dance playlists, so it has a skewed take on my music tastes, so its a bit hard for me to evaluate.


New feed view:


Here is a critique of the new UI, upset that it is missing standing features like Daily Mixes.

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