New TIDAL 'My Activity' and artists payments

This might be a question for Tidal themselves, but I was wondering that if I listen to Tidal through Roon, do my choices contribute to the ‘My Activity’ feature within Tidal itself? Their new payment structure of giving 10% of my monthly fee to the artist(s) I listem to mostly within a month is welcomed, but does this work backwards from Roon to Tidal or is it just when listening to Tidal direct?

This has been discussed in the “new Tidal pricing” thread posted recently by Danny.

Search for it on here and go through the posts.

Thanks. I did have a look but couldn’t find anything. Sometime finding specific things here is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Answer is yes, it will count regardless of whether you are streaming through the app or Roon.

Thanks and to RBO Raz. I did find one entry in the thread ‘new Tidal pricing’ but the answer was brief, as in ‘Yes’, but it’s confirmed by two people now, so yes it is. I’m going to binge one of my favorite artists now in Roon just to see. I do think the new payment model is a good thing and pleased it goes back to Tidal from Roon.

Yeah it’s a great new feature, I think it’ll also help artists take Tidal more seriously now there is a substantial financial Incentive to do so.

On the same issue - I asked Roon about the new Tidal upgrade to Tidal Hifi Plus, which states:
“As always, you have access to immersive and innovative audio formats, exclusively on HiFi Plus.”

I asked Roon: Since I usually listen to Tidal via Roon, will this update also feature on my Roon/Tidal service (it doesn’t seem to as yet) or will I need to listen to Tidal outside Roon?

No answer yet. Any offers?


Jeff L, UK

If you are asking whether Roon supports the spatial audio features, they don’t. There is a feature request for this that you can vote on.

Thanks, Crowlem. Very helpful.

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