New Tidal Windows 10 app

I apologize for the naive question, but, what is the difference between this app and the one I’ve had on my Windows 10 PC for years? Thanks for the info!

I guess that is US only?

It often takes 6 months to a year for the UK to get such updates from Amazon :confused:

An Alexa skill for Roon (that could also search Tidal) would however be much more interesting :wink:


It may well be the same app but adding it to the Microsoft Store means anyone running Windows 10 in S Mode can now install it since in S Mode Windows 10 can only install apps from the store.


Also, I think any app downloaded from the MS app store is managed by Windows, so will automatically update itself when needed. Same as the Apple app store, otherwise what is the point?

Tim, thanks for clarifying (Anthony, too!). This is quite strange to me, in one sense, because I thought MS allows free upgrades to the full Windows 10 on their Surface products. Maybe that has come to an end? I don’t know…Anyone recall Windows RT? I couldn’t possibly imagine anyone using a walled-in, siloed experience in lieu of a full OS, but, hey, different strokes, right?

No, it hasn’t come to an end. You can upgrade to full Windows 10 from 10S for free (although it’s not possible to downgrade, unfortunately).

The rationale of 10S is to have a tightly-controlled and secure environment. It’s Microsoft’s version of Apple’s iOS. Funny how most users never seem to object to the walled-in siloed experience in lieu of a full OS on an iPad.

A good idea in theory, but most users will come across a situation where they need to install a Windows driver for some hardware that is not available in the 10S environment.

I’m assuming here, but, I would suspect that most don’t object to a walled-garden approach on an iPad because, for the majority of folks, it’s simply not their main productivity machine.

Its the reason i don’t have iOS products at all. I can’t stand the walled garden approach. I put up with it up to iphone 4 and then had enough and never looked back.


Sadly I’m in the same boat. My wife loves apple products, but asks me to debug her’s and I scratch my head for hours, haha. My mother in law came over last week with a shiny new Iphone and asked me to pop some music on for here… I literally burst out laughing.

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