New to Roon, have a couple of ?'s

1.) When I open it up I see the first 6 alphabetical listings, then have to scroll to the right to move through my entire library. Is there an easier way to scroll? (I came from iTunes which was much easier with 12 listings shown and vertical scrolling.)

2.) How do I access DSP functions? (Wonder if being a free trial, does affects access.)

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Have you read through the KNOWLEDGE BASE as there is a lot of answers to be found?
If not, it’s worth your time. Cheers

Thanks but too much to read, need a straight forward answer before my trial period is up. Lots of features, but this scrolling issue is a deal breaker for me.

It will be in there. What screen are you trying to scroll and what remote are you using.
Honestly, you need yo go through the kB a piece at a time. On my iPad Pro I just drag the line across or in Album view, I can use the keyboard as well. I can also search or use focus to distil exactly what Iam looking for…

Using a MacBook Air. See my description of the screen. What line do you drag across? What’s an album view? What do you mean by “can use the keyboard as well”? Search just zeros in on a single artist/album, in iTunes it shows the before and after listing which is much more to my liking. I’m frustrated enough to give up, don’t want to search kB to find arcane explanations.

I can’t see your screen, you can’t see mine. Without seeing what you are seeing, it’s impossible.
The knowledge base is the manual for full understanding.

Perhaps this video will help you

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I don’t see any description.

To do what?

A view by album covers of the albums in your library.

The arrow keys on the keyboard work for scrolling. Scroll the album view with the left and right arrows, for instance.

Can’t help you there, though there are various additional search tools that seem (to me) somewhat clumsy and labored.

Select the album view instead, or click on “View All”. And go to settings and set (under General) “Allow more albums and pictures” to Yes.

That being the case, you may not find Roon your cup of tea. There’s nothing I would call documentation, though there are wiki pages and the knowledge base and this very helpful forum. After 5 months I still don’t understand how to use half the features.

Roon is not like iTunes and operates on a different level. It’s about enriched metadata and using the search tools, tags, favourites and focus to find what you want quickly. It takes time to adjust but then you realise how easy it is to find things you listen to all the time you never look back. Scrolling on the desktop through artists or album view is via horizontal page scrolling not a long list to scroll up and down, how many items it displays per page is up to your screen resolution.

You can increase the number of covers shown in Settings.

In Album view you can sort by Artist, Most Played, Date added, Date or Album title.

Under the Albums, but above the footer there is a blue scroll bar that you can drag to quick scroll. There is also a pop up alphabetical window that will scroll to that section.

On a computer with a keyboard, typing the first few letters of a name will scroll to that section.

The DSP Engine KB page has a link to the various ways to access it. I usually use long press on the Zone icon.

The trial is fully featured.

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Thanks, that got it to display 24 albums at a time, much more doable (along with using the arrow buttons and stretching the window). Wonder why it only displays 15 artists at a time?

What means does Room have to measure? What’s the Zone icon? Have set a DSP but “DSP” doesn’t show on the main screen, why?

The icon in the lower right corner. For many people it will look like a speaker. Click it for enlightenment.

You can set your DSP functions from there.

Don’t know what you mean that it doesn’t show, but if you click on the little shiny light by the buzzy graph. on the bottom of the screen when a track is playing, you will see your signal path displayed.

Make sure that you both enable DSP as a whole and then enable the DSP sub-function you want to use.

BTW - A spirit of exploration is needed for discovery to occur. The trial lasts 30 days, no?

Thanks, is there any way for Roon to measure the speaker/room (with test tones and calibrated microphone) to know how they are functioning? (I want an overall flat frequency response.)

No that’s not current functionality.


All this is in the knowledge base…


Yes, I couldn’t find anything either. That’s a major disappointment. Popular DSP software like REW or Dirac take you through a complete process of using a calibrated USB microphone to measure the speakers/room so you have a “given” problem to solve. Without this, applying DSP is just an exercise in subjective likes or wants.

Different use cases. REW and Dirac Live specifically are room measurement/correction software applications. Roon is not. Apples to oranges.


You can use REW with Roon. Save the filters in REW, and import into Roon.