New to Roon Nucleus

Hello Roon a sphere! I am a newbie to the Audiophile world and went all in to my wife’s chagrin, and purchased the Roon Nucleus with 1 TB Hard drive. I absolutely love the Roon User Experience (however to be honest despite Roon’s touting their discography platform I find my Qobuz platform far exceeds rooms audio editorials and additional information.)

Anyway I admit I am in the weeds.

I have a Denon AVR S960H which is my main Music Listening room. I really don’t understand how to and what to purchase if I want the same music to play in my living room, patio and garage. I do not have a separate DAC streamer however I think the Denon does that, but it promotes HEOS connections which these speakers do not seam to be too prolific on the market.

I’d like to purchase some power speakers that can connect to Roon or vise Vesa for these additional rooms but I am kinda lost. Do the connect via my internet Ethernet connection, Wifi? bluetooth? Hard wired USB to the Roon Nucleus ?

Thanks to anyone and everyone for you help, my apologies for being so ignorant while wanting a premium sound experience. I love music and my goal is to deliver that magic sound to my ears everywhere I am.

Assemble a Raspberry Pi 4 running RoPieee that can connect wirelessly to your Nucleus via your router. Put one in each room you want music and connect to your sound systems via USB to the RPi4.

Or, buy wireless, Roon Ready speakers that can connect to your Nucleus by WIFI via your router.

Thank you so much Jim, Don’t know what a Raspberry is but will check it out. Thanks for the PDF Guide.

This video for new users might help a lot.

Thank you Andrew

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Morning Joe, if completely new, maybe check with any colleagues if there is a good ol’ trusted brick and mortar HiFi dealer in your area.

Invite them over for a beer and start from there. Really easy to get lost in the weeds in modern HiFi.

Also, it will be 2 v 1 in regards to the missus.

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It’s an SBC (single board computer) that’s about the size of a deck of cards, and therefore easily concealed, which many Roonies use as a streamer, rather than spending bookoo dollars on some over-priced boutique streaming device. It’s quite effective when paired with easy peasy Ropieee OS, which (among other things) automagically sets up a Roon bridge, should one want.

On another note, to avoid frustration and possible support questions, try to connect everything via Ethernet. Wireless can be problematic.

Unless I missed it

One important thing is that to run speakers in say 3 locations (Roon Speak - Zone) they must be using the same “protocol’”

Roon uses RAAT to transfer the music , but also supports AirPlay, Chromecast etc . To,”LINK ZONES” they must all be RAAT, all AirPlay etc you can’t mix and match.

Jim’s idea of multiple RPi’s would give that as they would all be RAAT

sorry if I’ve added to the confusion :sunglasses:

Thanks good idea

Thank you AA

Don’t know what your sound quality requirements are, but you might want to consider Sonos. They have a range of speakers that connect wirelessly to your home network. Roon can stream to any Sonos speakers. They’re probably not considered audiophile quality, but for casual listening they can be quite pleasing.

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Thanks for the Info. Your are correct this would be for casual listing cocktail parties etc. I want to have music playing everywhere without having to blast it too loud in one location.

Roon RAAT is a Roon protocol that uses your network (ethernet or WIFI) to connect the Roon core (Nucleus) to your speakers. You can use a Raspberry Pi 4 for each speaker or purchase “Roon Ready” speakers. I think there are lots of Roon Ready powered speaker devices you could use.