New to Roon with some doubts

Thanks Anders. A new one…sometimes Roon shows just part of the Tidal albums that are shown through the Tidal app…not quite sure what im doing wrong.


You need to describe the situation.

For example from the Tidal app for INXS I see 17 albums and some additional singles, and within Roon the same artist shows only 8 albums…bottomline Roon is retrieving almost half of the albums Tidal has available.

It may not show Tidal albums that are in your collection.

Uhmmm…that could be a reason…but there is way to show all the Tidal albums from Roon?..what I have maybe may be of less quality so would be nice to play the best one no?. I searched Jack Johnson and it seems that you are right it only show the ones that are not in my library but what I have in my library is mp3! maybe the only way is to delete my album from my library?.

Ok, go to your MP3 version and click the Versions tab. Then add whatever to your library…

Just looked, plenty of MQA Versions to be had.

Thanks Chris…that one do the trick…If I add the Tidal album to my library it will download it or is simply a view of the album but it is still on the cloud?.

It will be added to your roon library and you can play it

Yes, still in the cloud but it will become your primary album unless you choose it not to be.

Thanks you guys…Interesting…so at the end of the day a best practice should be to leave only the MP3/Flacs allbums on my library that are not available in Tidal and add to my library the ones in Tidal?. Less storage required and seamless experience?. am I rihgt?.

Sounds good to me. Once you play Tidal and especially MQA on a decent player you won’t want mp3’s As your first choice.
Keep your flacs safe and in your library just prioritise the best quality versions and that will leave things tidy.
Back up your music often and more than one copy.

Thanks…the only downside I see is that the radio feature is only available only with local library not Tidal…and I have to say that Im loving the Radio feature in Roon…what i have seen so far is that the radio feature will only play local files adn actually will start only if you were playing a local file (not Tidal)…would be nice to have Tidal integration to make the experience even more eclectic.

Tidal integration to Radio is under development, see this thread:

It is worth noting as you are new to Roon that continual development such as this is part of the package. Roon doesn’t stand still, but please do not ask for timeframes on when features are going to be delivered; they are not given.

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Guys another quick doubt here. I have been experience some intermittent issues with my IOs (iPads and iPhones) Remotes connecting to my Roon Core.

My Roon Core is running on a Mac Mini Late 2014 I5 4GB Ram via wifi. The wifi network is a Mesh TPLink Deco Wifi @150MB. I have pretty good signal and download speed across all the house.

I tried reinstalling the IOs remotes and re-starting my Roon core a couple of times.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Enrique,

perhaps you could describe the issues more specifically? For example…

what the actual issue(s) is/are?
what messages are appearing, if any?

Assuming the issue is that you are losing connection to the core:
Is it happening with one device predominantly or equally with any device and happening to the same degree in all areas of the house?
Are there any moments specifically when you lose connection, eg when waking up the device from sleep?
What do you have to do to regain connection?

I probably won’t be savvy enough to help, but perhaps one of the more knowledgeable guys will be able to step in :slight_smile:

Thanks Salla_48. Well, the actual issue is that the remotes lose connection randomly in the house and happens with different devices equally…it is not that frequent, but happens every now and then and maybe I would say that happens when waking up devices from sleep, but it happens also during playing time.

To regain connection many times I select to connect to a new core, but obviously I connect to the same one…sometime also it takes some time to find de “new” core.

Nots sure what else to add.

thanks, I get disconnects whenever I use my cellphone (Note 8) as remote, when it goes to sleep every couple of minutes. It automatically reconnects however.

If you don’t get any further response here within a day or so, from someone who can actually help I mean, repost it and flag support ( ie write “@ support” without the space at the top of your post) and then you’ll get the tech guys from roon on the case :slight_smile: - best of luck, and hope you still with Roon.

I have seen such disconnects on my iPad occasionally. I find that if I close the app and reopen it, it comes right back. I’ve also had success toggling the iPad wifi off and back on.

Thanks. Some more details. Right now weird thing is happening I have three iOS devices all of them running iOS11.4. All three devices in the same room near the Roon Core running on my Mac Mini as described above. Just two of them connect to the core and one of them keeps connecting/failed message without connecting at all.

@Dylan, Im not sure where this post was moved. Could you help me deriving it to support?.

You do see it occasionally, my Android phone is much worse than my iPad

I sometimes use a Vaio laptop on Win 10 that gives the best “stay connected” Performance

I wonder if the Android and iOS go to sleep and don’t wake up properly