New to Sonos Play:3 with Roon <--- which I am very familair

I inherited 4 units of Play:3 and individually they work with roon no issues. Volume on the Play:3 works back to Roon Core display.

A stereo paired set of 2 x Play:3’s (done in the Sonos App) seems to play correctly L&R channels I think to the Left speaker address as the master but neither speaker buttons control both speakers nor are reflected in roon… is the way it is?

Paired in Sonos or roon?

Paired on Sonos app - not sure you can create a stereo pair in Roon

I always hated the Sonos ecosystem but these Play:3’s actually dont sound that bad even as a single unit - they play stereo out of 2 speakers internally - and for general listening can belt it out, far better than a Homepod Mini ever could.

I think they are keepers if they can play in Sync with Roon managing things.