New trial? (2012R2 related)[Answered]


When Roon was at 1.0 i started one of the Win2012R2 error posts and i was just wondering if 2012R2 would work with Roon 1.2 headless? The virtual 2012R2 is not a playback zone for me so i just need the server part. If so could i get a new trial run?

I really want to get rid of Sooloos by now! It has served me well but what you guys made with Roon is really impressive! All that is missing right now for me is C4 integration and MQA (Still need music for it so no hurry here) :slight_smile:

@kevin i have emailed you regarding this but i forgot to ask about Win2012R2 i just asked about a new trial!

Hello @Emanuel_Persson, RoonServer will work fine on W2012R2, though you still need to install Microsoft’s Media Pack to get all codecs that are missing in barebone W2012R2 - more details in this KB article

Hello vova!

the problem with that is that it installs IIS and backup and other stuff i don’t need. really wish there wore a simpler way to do it!

Maybe someone knows how to slim it down a bit? i got the disk space so thats no problem but i just don’t want services to run when i don’t need them!


Could you help me with a new trial period? I have a mail from @kevin that he sent me back in Juli that i would be able to get a new trial when i got a new GPU to try with my virtual 2012R2 but now i could try the headless version instead :slight_smile:

Have you thought about scrapping server 2012R2 and running Linux instead.

yeah i have but my raidcard is only accessable from my win2012r2 and then i would need to share my win2012r2 over SMB to a linux VM just for roon! :frowning:

Unfortunately, I don’t know any workaround which can help you to avoid installing additional services along with the Windows Essentials Pack, as for now it’s the only way.
I’ll let @kevin know about the trial extension. He will contact you shortly.

Ok then! Thank you for your help! :slight_smile: Have a great one!

Hi Emanuel,
If you’re concerned about what is running on your 2012R2 server and wish to slim it down you might wish to take a look at Fidelizer Support Thread. I don’t use it myself but others on here that run Roon do.

Just followed up with you via PM, @Emanuel_Persson!