New User - My Local Radio Station SQ is awful!

Hi All

New user here (just about two hours into use!). So far I am impressed, although still getting to grips with the interface. My first gripe is that my local radio station sounds worse via Roon than it does using my Google Home mini.

Any ideas why this is? I would have expected at least equal sound quality from Roon.


Hi Fin - welcome. I’ve moved your post into the Live Radio category of the forum, where it will get the best attention from the community. What is your local radio station? Thanks.

Hi Geoff

My local radio station is RTE Radio 1 (based in Ireland).

Thanks for the welcome,

Ok, so I have added the station manually using the TuneIn link. Now much better.

Hello @Fin, sorry to hear of your problems. Which stream was giving you trouble? I’ve just tried them and they seem ok.

Were/are you getting problems with other stations?

Hi Brian

I added the station via TuneIn address which has improved things a lot. Not sure whether this outcome is logical from a technical perspective but there you go.


It’s not logical - the underlying Tunein website default stream is identical to the aac stream in Roon’s database for the station. (i.e. playing through the website should be the same as Roon’s aac)
When added to Roon via My Live Radio we are given a 96K mp3 stream. I can’t check whether this is the same as the mp3 stream in the database.

Notwithstanding all that, if you’re happy, then we won’t worry.

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