New User - Naim 1st Gen Muso - I don't get it!


Installed for the trial period yesterday…but there are few things I just don’t get…

The Core server is all up & running and the various clients can “see” the server.

What I don’t get is why when using the Roon iOS client (or Windows) it defaults to AirPlay for the Naim Muso and therefore (I assume) down-mixes (down-samples?) to 16-bit.

But if I use the Naim app to find hi-res tracks on my server using e.g. Asset UPnP, it plays direct without any reduction in bit depth etc.

What am I missing?

Muso is not roon ready…
It only allows airplay and 16bit is the limitation of airplay…

Well, that’s a simple (but disappointing!) answer! :astonished:

Is the Uniti Atom “Roon Ready”?


The 1st gen. Muso isn’t Roon ready, but has AirPlay. All the current Naim range is Roon ready, including the Atom.

Miso 2nd gen and Atom are both Roon ready. I know because I have both. I use self assembled NUC as the core and with a tetrabyte hd it holds most of my recorded music. Works like a treat, controlled by Roon app on my phone and iPad .

See if you can find a copy of the discontinued ChromeCast Audio. It is Roon Ready. I am using it with my Muso 1 and it’s a lot cheaper than buying an Atom.

Oooohhhh, plug it into the side USB and stream to that? Better than AirPlay in terms of down sampling etc?

Or did I mean the 3.5mm socket?!? :blush:

I think the usb on CCA is to provide power only. I think you will need a mini-toslink to toslink optical cable to get the highest bitrate from CCA to Muso.

You did… CCA has combo 3.5mm analogue and optical.

Hope you can find one!

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Thanks! Better to use the optical input?

Yes. Optical input will use the Muso DAC, rather than the CCA DAC.


Got it - thanks!