New user not got a clue where to begin!

Have a free trial with Devialet. 2months gone and haven’t got a clue how to start. Melco music server, Android pad using Bubble uPnP, Devialet 800 with AirPlay, iMac.
Where do I start please?

I would start here in the knowledge base. Welcome.

At the risk of saying the obvious, install Roon and point it to your digital collection. Then get a Tidal trial membership. Use Roon to learn about your music collection and as a gateway to music in Tidal.

Thanks for the reply. Still got nowhere. Until an article in the new HiFi+ told me how to do it. However as my free trial ends in a few days I’ve decided to leave well alone.
Not a fan of streaming - had a trial of Tidal and rarely used it so cancelled the subscription.
Got a decent collection of cd’s, enjoy listening to those with a few new ones occasionally.