New user with a NUC (ROCK) having trouble gaining access to the additional (formatted) 2.5" SSD for Music Storage

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC 10 Performance Kit: NUC10i5FNHN
i5, 16GB MEM, M.2 NVMe 256GB SSD FOR OS (WD Black), 2.5" 500GB SSD (Samsung 860 EVO) for Music Storage

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ATT fiber service with 5268AC router (Ethernet and WiFi)
Netgear GS308v2 (8 port Ethernet switch)
Gyrphon (additional WiFi router via the Netgear switch)

Connected Audio Devices

Oppo UDP-205 via ethernet (enabled)
Audio Pro C10 wireless speaker via AirPlay (enabled)

Number of Tracks in Library

None at this time.

Description of Issue

I’m a new Roon user with a NUC (ROCK) installed modified Linux kernal on M2 NVMe SSD. I’m having trouble getting a music folder setup or rather gaining access to the additional (formatted) 2.5" SSD for Music Storage located in the NUC?

Everything looks fine. What you have to do now is open the storage on your PC or laptop and copy your media files over the network. ROCK has already exposed the storage using Samba (with no login credentials.)

How you do this depends on the OS you’re using, e.g., MacOS, Windows, or Linux. In most cases the address is smb://rock.local/Data.


I guess I’m just not very Roon savvy. :frowning:

I’m still having trouble getting a music file placed into or onto the Music Storage SSD?

I have both a Windows 11 PC desktop and a MacBook Air laptop.

On my Windows 10 machine I went to Roon settings/storage and added a Network share and typed in: smb://rock.local/Data

I also then created a Chesky music sample folder but if I drag a file from a USB thumb drive and try to drop it into the Chesky folder Roon will ask me if I want to add music to the Internal Storage but then Roon will hang attempting to move the file and I’ll have to close it?

I’m probably still doing something screwy.

The other parts of Roon all seem to be working fine. Streaming Services, Radio, My Library, etc.

You don’t need to do this since that’s telling your Core (ROCK) where to find music, when it is (or will be) on the local file system.

As I said earlier, ROCK has already provided a file share on your home network. What you have to do is connect to this from Windows (not the Roon app) so you can copy files from the Windows PC to the SSD in the NUC.

To do this you’ll need to open the file explorer, Windows network. From there, you should find ROCK. Then copy across your files. I can’t be more precise as I don’t use Windows.

Copy files in small batches or stop Roon Server while you copy your entire library. For best performance make sure everything is connected to Ethernet.

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On your Windows machine set up a network Share -


In File Manager, copy to that Share like you would any other Share.

Also, don’t added nested directories to Settings==>Storage. If you add folders that are nested under Internal Storage directory you will get duplicates.

In your setup, as I see it, this is all that is needed.


Alternatively, if you want to explicitly use nested subfolders, then disable the Internal Storage in Settings==>Storage and add each directory you want.


File Manager on Windows machine -



Hello and welcome to the community. I may be missing something here and did not see it mentioned but your web ui display shows the format button under Internal Music Storage. Did you hit that button to format the drive? Roon has to format the drive before it can be accessd.

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It’s formatted, otherwise there wouldn’t be an available space estimate. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m getting a better idea of what I need to do…

I’ve used PC’s quite a bit in the past, but I’ve never had the need to enable network sharing before and I feel I’m somewhat lacking in this area of actually setting up and executing a network share.

I first thought that the Music File SSD drive would just show up in the Roon App and you would just open that drive up create a new Music Storage folder and just start adding in your music files. I’m also not exactly sure where any of one’s downloaded files that have been transferred to the SSD are actually located/accessed in the Roon app when you are ready to play them?

On my Windows11 desktop I went, and enabled network sharing and I also removed the added nested directories from Roon app Settings>>>Storage.

You don’t need to enable Sharing on your Windows machine, but it won’t hurt what you want to do here. You are sharing the directory on ROCK. ROCK has already exposed that for you, so there’s no problem there.

On your Windows machine

That is this in ROCK

Just use File Manager on the Windows machine to copy your music there and you’re GTG.

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I think I did it correctly as it is now mapped as drive Z. :grinning:

I thought I had removed that Chesky Sampler folder. Should I go ahead and remove it and then just start dumping music files in there??

Shouldn’t there be different folders created to help keep the music organized? By album or CD??

Do you or perhaps anyone else know how to do the same type of network share setup for a MacBook Air?

You can have as many folders as you want in Settings==>Storage or you can dump everything into that one directory. It’s however is clear to you. Just don’t add a directory that is nested under a directory that is already in Settings==>Storage. That’s how people end up with duplicate albums listed.

Like I said up above, if you want to have individual directories and they are nested under your main directory, then disable the main directory and add all the individual directories you want. See my post where I use the example of the Music directory that is nested under the main directory.

It’s been awhile since I used macOS and I’d have dust off the Mini to weigh in there. Someone will come along to help there.

Good luck.

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In the Finder, open Network.
Then go down the path Network > rock > Data > Storage > InternalStorage
Create folders in InternalStorage and copy music files into the folders according to how you would like to organize it. If you created the Chesky Sampler folder already, you can go ahead and copy files into it.

If you just want to use InternalStorage like a top level folder on the SSD, you don’t need to do anything with Settings > Storage in the Roon app. You can change it later if you want to organize things differently.

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Thanks to everyone who replied to help with my issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think everything with my settings is good to go now. I can access the NUC Music Storage SSD from both my W11 desktop and my MacBook Air.

Is it normal for music files placed in NUC/ROCK music storage SSD to not to have any associated album or song art like the saved albums from Tidal/Qobuz?

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The reason there’s no artwork is that the artist is “Unknown”. That’s most likely because the files are WAV and these don’t include any metadata. You can attempt to identify the album manually by clicking on the ellipsis, and choosing Edit. However, given the title, I think it is unlikely you will find the release.

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Where did you get the Chesky Sampler? If it was a download and included album cover jpeg files, make sure to copy them as well.

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I watched a video from Steve Gutenberg’s YouTube channel: The Audiophiliac where he interviewed David Chesky.

Usually downloaded albums include album cover image files for music players to use.

This download doesn’t include an album cover so Roon displays a generic image. You can add your own if you’d like. Copy a jpeg file into the folder, and give it the same name as the folder.

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