New Van Morrison Album - Streaming services behaviour

Yesterday I tried to listen to Van’s new album "Three Chords…

While iPeng shows it after typing “van & three” Roon needs some more nurturing to come up with it, but that is another story of length.

Okay, found it in roon, (no versions). Playing comes up first with “too many failures”, then with “check your qobuz account”.

Look it up in qobuz (desktop) … it’s there, my phone plays it. Look it up in Tidal, the same.
Try to play again in Roon via Tidal explicit … stops. Try to play again in Roon via qobuz explicit … stops

Then I tried playing out of ipeng, and it doesn’t run either.

Resume: the desktop/mobile versions can play it, the content must be there, the streaming services can’t. Is it just a matter of resolution?

Will try later again, as it was only releadsed yesterday.

I can see the album (released yesterday, 25/10) but all tracks are marked unavailable. It’s available on the TIDAL desktop app so I too am guessing it’s a timing issue.

I can play some tracks in Tidal and Roon.
In Tidal it shows as a Master but in Roon it’s CD quality.
I had to re scan and analyse to get it to play at all though…

Must be a timing issue. When I initially downloaded the album from Tidal, all the tracks were listed as unavailable. After a few re-scans of the album, the unavailable notification was gone but I could only play three tracks (including the very nice “Dark Night of the Soul”). As Chris mentioned, it’s only playing in CD quality vs. the referenced MQA.