New version of Roon not available in UK Apple App Store

It’s been a few days since the new build of Roon, but the new app isn’t yet available in the UK App Store. Is this just me?

The same in Germany :roll_eyes:

The same in Denmark

Sometimes Apple takes longer to release.

Apple are a shower, I’m jumping ship back to Android. I should never have left, it was only because work give out iPhones like candy…


It always seems to take a few days with Apple. I don’t mind - maybe they check every app for security (amongst other things) - if that’s the case I’m fine with it. It’s not as if Roon won’t work without the latest iOS version.



I‘d never switch to Android :smile:


Just Got new APP on iPad in Taiwan.

Never say never… I said I’d never switch to Apple. In fairness it is a source of regret, but I did switch. Still lesson learned. Apple = gaol for your soul and your wallet, Android = sunlit uplands of freedom and peace.

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Looks like app is now on IPad OS in UK :blush:

Yepp, here in goG (good old G) too. :smiley:

Ok in Denmark.

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For those in Europe, that was perfectly timed for your weekends then, I guess :wink:. Enjoy the sleep timer!

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It’s available now :grinning:

For anyone who can’t sleep at night, knowing there’s a new app version out there, but you can’t get the update yet, try searching for it in the App Store. Open the description, and the update option is often available well before the notification reaches your phone.

Anyone unable to sleep has no need of the new client feature anyway…

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