New (was back in 2021) iFi Zen Stream device

Mine is set to 2 for Roon-only mode. I’ve confirmed that the only audio-related services that is running are for Roon. The web UI is also disabled when the switch is set to position 2 (surprising at first, but it makes sense).

Based on that and my results below, the printed card is more accurate than the website. Here are the process related to streamer functionality that I see running on the ZEN Stream with each switch position:

1) All in One


2) Roon only


3) TIDAL only


4) NAA (Network Audio Adapter) only


5) DLNA only


Note: that there is no “Spotify only” mode. If you want to use Spotify Connect, you’ll have to leave the device in “all-in-one” mode. Perhaps this is because sound quality is less critical since (as of this writing) Spotify only offers lossy streams.

Edit: Looks like Apple AirPlay requires all-in-one also


Hi Stephane, Good choice.

I also use a Sennheiser HD660s. Balanced with my TEAC UD-505 which is directly USB connected to my Roon core. (living room setup)

In my home office I have two Roon setups.

  1. (media) PC. Special USB-audio card with external iFi ipower X + 5 metre Audioquest Forest + iFi iPurifier 3 + Zen DAC Signature. (to Ruark MR1 Mk2).
  2. I once in a while use my original Zen DAC as a headphone amp/dac (Roon endpoint) on another PC. Here a Sennheiser HD 560s single ended. This headphone is surprisingly good for its price. Technology is more 600-series than 500-series.

Kind Regards & enjoy Roon HiRes streaming. Hans

Hi David,
I know that these Signature devices have been sold through (massdrop). Not really available to Europeans because of import fees + VAT (makes more sense to buy here).

Still listed, but on ‘sold through’.

There might be more to come (you can register).


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Thank you for all your thoughtful responses. My issue was never being able to link with Roon. Only Roon/ HQPlayer. Perhaps when there is a “full” Roon certification will HQPlayer embedded in Roon work, or eventually a member may be able to acheive and share.
I have a NEW ISSUE. I made the mistake of enabling SPDIF in Output Device settings to compare to USB. Now I am unable to go back to USB. It only allows SPDIF in pulldown. Roon no longer shows other iFi USB zone only SPDIF. I have tried Factory reset to no avail.

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Not sure if this will help your current situation, but and I can’t remember which way it is, but I believe if you have USB and Spdif connected one of them counteracts/Disables the other! (this is according to iFi)

As a Roon user I know I can have both connected, but I believe I Did it in the order of USB first Named it, Then Did Spdif, and named it differently, and have verified both can work at the same time with Roon only!

Also I believe you can do a factory reset with not much issue on the ZS, as long as you are not having any power related issues!

Hope that helps you along!


Hmmm, it sounds like the USB DAC is not powered on or not connected properly I would try reconnecting it. It may not matter, but use the bottom USB port on the ZEN Stream, make sure the DAC is getting power and that you’ve selected the USB input (if the DAC has multiple inputs, like the NEO iDSD).

If you are familiar with ssh and can login to your ZEN Stream, you can use the following command to confirm that the Stream sees your USB DAC. If it does not show up here, Roon will never find it:

volumio@ifi-zen-stream:~$ aplay -l
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
card 0: rockchipspdif [rockchip-spdif], device 0: ff030000.spdif-wm8804-spdif wm8804-spdif-0 []
  Subdevices: 1/1
  Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
card 1: Audio [iFi (by AMR) HD USB Audio], device 0: USB Audio [USB Audio]
  Subdevices: 1/1
  Subdevice #0: subdevice #0

This doc describes how to enable SSH: SSH - Volumio Documentation

At this moment, I’m playing two different albums at the same time from the ZEN Stream into the NEO iDSD DAC…one via USB and the other via S/PDIF:

So, the ZEN Stream definitely does not disable the USB input when something is connected via S/PDIF. In fact, I don’t believe that the hardware exposes connection state to a downstream DAC via S/PDIF. However, for USB, a DAC must be connected, powered up, and active to make the USB connection visible in Roon.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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I clearly said, It’s not disabled for Roon users, and that was per iFi that you couldn’t use both at the same time!

Why not try and use both without Roon and see how far you get, or Read the comment before you comment, and tell people how to Root around in menu’s.

I did not mean to offend, but since this is a Roon forum, my comments are focused on how to use the device successfully with Roon. There are threads on other forums like and if folks want to learn about non-Roon use cases.

So was mine, and no kidding their are other forums, Thanks for the info!

Carry On…

I finally was able to get Roon to see usb, by going from rear selector #1 to #2.
Also for those who queried which output sounds better- myself and an audio buddy both felt usb sounded better. YMMV. THANKS!


Hey Louis

a factory reset did solve the issue. Now, Radio stations play as expected and I can also stream music from the USB stick.



Glad to hear that my friend, happy listening! Love it more each day!


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Damn everyone is all good?? No Issues, No Haters?? No Dumpers?? LMAO

All good,

Cheers All!!


Not really…lol
Still waiting for Musicdirect to ship my replacement…“7 to 10 days after we receive the defective unit we will ship a new one”

Why I ask?
Is it suddenly going to fix itself in the box on the bench or what?


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Probably out of stock, or waiting for a bunch of new power supplies to arrive if this is a common issue.
Lets hope it is worth the wait for you !!

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I do suggest if you know it’s a power supply issue for sure, please reach out to ifi directly online or by phone. I received my new power supply approx 3-4 days after submitting a ticket. They are aware of the issue and are fairly quick in responding.

Not trying to second guess you, If i didn’t have a way to run the ZS while waiting I would have requested a replacement as well, after all it is a brand new unit, all should be in order, and if not replaced quite quickly at no cost to the customer.

Hope it works out for you bro!


My problem is it was bricked, likely because of the faulty PS

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For those who are interested, The Zen Stream measurements from Golden Sound are in, and the Zen did very well!! Here’s a link to it for ya!



Louis thanks for sharing that, it’s a good quick read.
Always good when someone respected and independent validates your blind buying decision :grin:

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So what your saying is what we was hearing is right!! LOL

Go Figure…lol

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