New Zone for the Shop and Garden

Figured this was a good time to clean out the shop while my wife was working from home. Gives me something to do without disturbing her during office hours. Decided to try using my Note 9 as an end-point with a high-powered boom box speaker. Didn’t expect the wireless to reach from the house, with a metal roof, to the metal shop building 30 feet away, but it did.

Roon connected immediately and I was able to configure the phone as a player. It worked perfectly with the signal at 43 Mbps on the 2g band. Did not have a single interruption.

I can’t begin to express how important this is to me with the current situation. I’ll be out there again all day tomorrow enjoying the music while cleaning out the shop and working in the garden.

Thanks Roon.


It’s all good! I have a detached garage, with my UniFi AP located in an inside bedroom (approximately centrally located in the house). So the signal has to cut through a thick wall in an 80 year old house, and lighter-weight wall in the addition, before it travels through the garage wall. It’s still strong enough out there to operate a Chromecast Audio puck, which I have attached to a mid 80s boom box (it was a nice Sony, the first boombox with a CD player, and has detachable speakers, EQ and a decent power output). It does quite well out there, and I use either Roon or Pandora while working on the hooptie fleet in the driveway. :+1::+1: It is nice having my own library plus Qobuz available through Roon out there.

I’m using the Braven BVR-XXL with an aux cable connection. It’s nothing fancy, no radio, disc, cassette or detachable speakers. Mainly an outdoor party speaker, 18 lbs, 4 HD speakers built in and a big battery. Plays clean and loud. Has a USB port so it will keep the phone charged while playing.

I was out working in the back yard today, pulling weeds along a 280 foot retaining wall. I could easily hear it from one end to the other. We live in an older neighborhood from the 60’s, 2.5 acre lot, lots of tress and brush. Can’t see the neighbors and its hard to disturb anyone. I really hate pulling weeds but it was actually ok with the music.