Newbie : a lot of questions before starting

Hello the community,

I read a lot of things since few weeks about Roon but I was still not able to go further even for the trial and perhaps a full license. I think I need more informations in order to understand if it makes sense.
I have few renderers in the house for family and I wonder which ones are compatible with Roon ?

  • Lumin M1
  • TRINNOV amethyst
  • SB Touch
  • Bel Canto ref stream

I use today library on a NAS with Jriver, minimserver and LMS embedded on the NAS and I use Jremote, lumin and Ipeng as control points.

Last point I stream through Qobuz, any chance that Qobuz could be integrated in Roon ?

Last Question : any chance to have it running headless on a NAS (qnap / synology) ?

Thanks for your help