Nexus 10 - still good enough?

Hi, i have the chance to buy a Google Nexus 10 at a reasonable cost. My Samsung Tab A seems hopeless (on KitKat) - constantly drops connection on sleeping (and keeping awake makes it crash Roon app). I believe the Nexus runs up to Lollipop. I know these are as old as the hills, but they have a cracking screen. Still good enough for Roon ? anyone still using and happy ?

I just loaded Roon on my old 2015 Nexus 7 and it seems to be working well.

EDIT: It gets jittery if I exit the Roon screen and go to some other screen on the Nexus 7. As long as Roon is showing, it’s fine.

Thanks James - this will be a dedicated tablet so i guess that’s good news…

I use the Nexus 10 every day as a dedicated Roon Controller. The screen is great and no issues with speed. Aside from some teething issues it works very well. Only catch with it is RAM use climbs steadily with use, so generally the app needs restarting every few days.

If it is stable on your WiFi then you should be fine with it. My only concern is whether the rewritten Roon Android support will still work with these older versions when it comes out.

Thanks. Yep that a good point ref support. I suppose that’s always a moveable feast though