NHPR news and WBUR station not working

Hello. The NPR public radio station NHPR news and the WBUR station is not working for me, though the VPR news station is. These stations all work locally on Wi-Fi from a browser. I see that WBUR is listed as a popular station, so not sure if it’s a config issue on my end. Tx.

They’re both working for me.
Has something changed in your setup?
Are other stations OK?
What is your core running on?

Other stations are ok. I am running Roon Server 2.0 build 1357 on a Mac mini.

They also work for me. I notice they are monophonic. @Philip_Pennie are you using convolution? There is a long lasting bug in Roon Monophonic HD file won't play with convolution activated [Ticket Open]

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Yes, I am using convolution. When I disable that, the stations play. Thank you for the info!

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