Nick Cave "Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus"

despite being two separate discs (as also the accompanying text says and accordingly reviews) and despite file tags reflecting it… is grouped and displayed by Roon as a single volume :-/

Hey Paolo,

How do you want this displayed? It’s possible to do it in Fix Track Grouping, but I need to know if you want 2 separate albums or 1 album with disc 1 and 2.

There seems to be metadata for the 2 disc release. There also seems to be a release for 17 tracks in 1 disc.

Cheers, Greg

oops, I fixed it by telling Roon to use file metadata. so now I have 1 album with 2 discs (which is fine)

forgot to check if there were, within Roon, other identification options, sorry
taking a look now

thank you Greg

Edit: ok, had a look and…

  • the CD version (the one I own and have ripped) shows as 1 disc with 17 tracks (which is wrong!) whilst…
  • the Digital Download has those same 17 tracks in 2 discs (which is right but… only for the physical CD edition)

this is weird indeed, usually it’s the other way around :-/

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Seems like you got it the way you want, so that’s great.

It does seem strange. I would think it the other way round too.

Cheers, Greg

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Yeah, I have also have this ‘double album’ shown as 2 discs of 9 and 8 tracks under 1 album. This is ok with me, and I certainly wouldn’t want it to show as 2 albums.

It is a rare example though, where being able to have more descriptive names for ‘disc 1’ would be beneficial - in this case for example ‘Abattoir Blues’ for disc 1. Box sets would probably benefit from this functionality as well.

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Not that rare, Nick, I fully support your idea. And then there’s the issue of separate artwork within a boxset…

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