Nirvana Nevermind 2021 remaster (MQA 192)

Anyone with Tidal and a DAC that does MQA rendering notice static/a pop during the transition from On a Plain > Something in the Way on the 2021 remaster with MQA 192 enabled?

I ask because my previous DAC had a ton of playback issues with Tidal MQA and this is the first such glitch I’ve noticed with my new DAC but it sounds exactly like the issue I had with the previous DAC. Plus, if set Roon to No MQA support (but still allow Roon to do core decoding) my DAC won’t do any further unfolding and the static is gone so I’m not sure if it is my DAC (more specifically my DAC’s MQA handling) or a track defect. I also tried a couple of the other versions (like the MQA 96 one) and the issue isn’t there at all so I’m thinking it is just the track.

Edit: current DAC is a 2022 Sabaj A20d.



@glc650 Tried on both 192 and 96.

No sounds at all.

Did remind me to listen to In Bloom again. :joy::joy:

Hope you get it sorted.

Edit: Using Matrix Mini-I Pro 3

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Yes. [Listening on Meridian 818 v3]

I only hear it on the 192 version of the album when my DAC is handling the rendering stage. The 96 version is clean for me as well.

You hear it as well? Is Roon handling the core decoding for you or is your DAC?

Roon does the first unfold, no?

It you turn it on in the device setup.

Not by default anymore. You have to specifically enable it but if you are not doing any DSP it doesn’t really matter (or at least it shouldn’t) which device (Roon or DAC) handles the core decoding.

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thanks; I don’t do an dsp via roon; my speakers do it

Started testing with an Element i2 today and the issue is gone. Will probably keep it and sell the Sabaj (and Zen Stream) if all goes well through the weekend.

I tested Lumin T2 in two scenarios for playback of On a Plain (Remastered 2021) > Something in the Way (Remastered 2021). Both are MQA 192kHz.

  1. Forced Roon MQA Core decoding over RAAT to T2 MQA rendering: no anomaly during transition

  2. Lumin native app gapless Tidal T2 MQA Full Decoder playback (instead of via Roon). no anomaly during transition