No able to connect to WDmycloud NAS drive

I have a wdmycloud NAS drive connected to a mac mini via a netgear powerline adaptor. could you please advise where and how to get Roon to work. I have heard great things about roon.


Are you planning to run Roon on the Mac mini and store your music on the NAS? I think that’s probably the way to go, but you might want to look over this part of the Roon Knowledge Base:

Make sure that the Mac<->NAS connection is via SMB. Roon won’t work with an AFP share.

Could you please advise how to connect NAS via smb.

I’m not at all familiar with WD My Cloud NAS’s, but you’ll need to make sure that yours is set to use SMB (not AFP) to connect to the Mac mini. You probably do this via the My Cloud dashboard.

Maybe someone with a WD My Cloud NAS can chime in.

most power line adapters don’t run that well network speed wise … so you might not have the best roon experience…Ideally you want full Cat 6 Gigabit ethernet between the Core and NAS…and ideally any networked endpoints too


At the moment power line adapter is the only way I have to connect to the NAS drive. However when I checked internet speed i had about 20 mbps.
I have tried using the dashboard and have had no luck in connecting vis SMB