No advantage to ROCK over Core on Windows - Am I Missing Something?

After running Roon Core under Windows 10 for a year with it pointed directly to my iTunes library. I decided to do a MOCK before buying a NUC and running ROCK full time. With ROCK installed on a SSD, 16gb ram and 2 TB internal storage on my old pc it’s working bang on. But why is it so difficult to add new music to it? The process would be rip cd to main pc, enable the dangerous smb 1.0 protocol, open web interface, copy files across the network (which in turn is incredibly slow). And to do this time and time again as I purchse cd’s 3 or 4 times a week.

There seems to be no advantage to ROCK over Core on Windows only time consuming downsides.

Am I missing something?



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I have a similar set-up where I still rip using iTunes on a Mac (that used to run Roon Core).

I have GoodSync setup to copy to the Rock SSD over SMB whenever the iTunes directory changes. So practically it doesn’t take more effort.

I find Rock a bit faster, more stable and more reliable than running roon on my Mac where I would occasionally see disconnects and need to restart etc. Not exactly sure if this was caused by my network, MacOS or roon.

Rocks advantages are it just runs Roon and nothing else and it doesn’t get bothered by windows updates, is reliable and you just keep it running as NuCs are low powered.

I don’t have any issues adding music to my Rock it supports more than smb1 so have reasonably fast transfers over wireless from my pc where I download or rip. I just use explorer to connect to the smb share and bobs your uncle. If your copying all your library then yes it’s slowish but so is any network copy but once done, copying a few albums here and there don’t take long at all. Small price for a more reliable experience in my book.


Thanks for the input guys much appreciated. Will need to have a look at how I can automate the process a bit more.

What do you call slow over network copy?
I do the same with new cd as I rip and copy to numerus locations for sharing and secure backup.
I average about 15mbs over network copy speed.
Takes maybe 35 to 45 seconds to copy over one CD.

I only get about 4mbps across my network mate. But it’s just the thought of having to go through this process each and every time. Think I will remain Core under Windows for the time being as it is more set and forget for me in my use case. My desktop is pretty much on 24/7 anyway.


Not being actively maintained is a reason not to use an OS.

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You’re not missing anything as I do the same thing although my transfer speeds are much quicker than that. I should probably automate this a bit as others have suggested.

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You could also attach a USB CD-ROM to the ROCK machine directly. (Be aware there is an outstanding bug there we do need to fix related to CD ROM detection, but it may or may not affect you).

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