No audio devices found again

My computer is running Win 11, my audio is Linn Akurate Dsm and I only use Tidal as a source. Have restarted both computer and Linn several times. Started after last upgrade.
What to do about it?
Yours Thor

Did you have to do anything with firewall exceptions after that last update?

HI Thor,

As Henry mentioned, sometimes Windows Updates can reset Firewall exceptions. Try turning off your Firewall as a test and see if the devices appear. If so, then you need to add Roon, RoonServer, RoonAppliance, and RAATserver back into the exceptions list.


The core finds the Linn DSM, but not my iPhone and iPad.


Can you ping your iphone and ipad from the PC running Core?

If you can’t, it’s probably the firewall on the PC.

For some reason it now finds the Apple TV and the Chromecast, but I don’t get the symbol of the DSM.

Have you verified that the Settings/Setup Subnet for Linn streaming is set correctly?