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Hi, I have a 14 days test subscription but a serious issue. Running the host on MacBookPro2018 and accessing from iPad 2018, both with up to date OS, all works fine until the MB goes to sleep. Have installed iNet Pro with WOL and it wakes up the MB and also Roon is running again but no Audio outputs available until I go downstairs and press a button on the keyboard of the MacBook.

This is of course not convenient and if I don‘t find a solution for this I cannot proceed with the regular subscription. Any solution for this?

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Hi and thanks for the quick reply. Meanwhile I have turned on VNC on the PB so I just access it from the iPad to wake the computer. Not a very elegant solution but it works :wink: . Will have a look at amphetamine as well.

If you click on the link there are multiple suggestions

I have yet to get Amphetamine to work correctly. My Roon core is on a MacBook Pro i9. I initially had problems with Roon core not available when I closed the lid of the MacBook Pro and it went to sleep. I installed Amphetamine on the MacBook core. Amphetamine set to run indefinitely. Now I can see Roon menus on all remote access devices (iMac and Airbook) and all albums, etc., but cannot see any audio devices in Roon. I have to go downstairs and hit touch ID on the MacBook Pro. Problem repeats when I close the lid of the MacBook Pro I want to get to a state where I can close the lid on the MacBook Pro, and still control Roon from any of my remotes, which have Roon Remote installed. I am almost there, but can’t get access to any audio controls, so I have a useless configuation at present. Otherwise, Roon has run perfectly for me, and has so for a year or so.

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