No audio output from Bryston BDP-2

I am not getting any audio output from my Bryston BDP-2 when using Roon.
I have installed the new software on the Bryston and core on my mac.
I enabled the Bryston in the settings menu of Roon.

The Bryston appears to be getting the information from Roon because the track I select to play shows up in the Bryston display. However, I am not getting any audio output from the Bryston to feed my DAC. I’ve rebooted a few times without any change.

Does anyone know if there is something else I should have done in the setup stage or anything I can check to resolve this problem?

Verify your Roon Ready settings in Services (BDP-2). Change USB cable.

Can you output using AES/EBU, or BNC/RCA with the BDP-2?

Does MPD/DLNA work without Roon.

You could also check function via squeezelite (settings in BDP-2 and Roon)

Thanks for the reply Robert.I have verified Roon ready is set to on. I am using the bnc output from the Bryston just as i have done prior to attempting to use Roon. Mpd does work fine without Roon which makes the solution a little more perplexing. I will check out squeeezlite on the bdp next.

If all else fails, I would suggest reloading the Bryston BDP-2 firmware another time. Might be a snafu of sorts.

If it works in MPD, you’ve ruled out the cabling. Something related to BDP-2, Roon connection.

Make sure you enabled Roon remote access in setup, and under ROON audio, where the Roon audio screen shows Roon Ready Bryston BDP-2, select the info box (configure device) and make sure the Bryston has something selected…my BDP-1 says ESI Juli@ice1724 IEC958. Your BDP screen on your computer or IPAD should also say “BDP in ROON Ready Mode”

If you still have trouble, you might try to get ahold of Chris Rice or Gary Dayton on the AudioCircle Bryston thread. Both are excellent troubleshooting the BDP players. Both are employees of Bryston.

One other quirk I found between the Bryston and Cambridge Audio DAC, if you have a USB cable connected, and a coaxial digital /BNC cable attached to the same DAC, sometimes the device would not engage…I ended up disconnecting the USB cable and the Digital coaxial SPDIF proceeded to work…