No connection from ROCK to the server

Roon Core Machine

ROCK on Intel NUC 10 i5 8GB RAM and 500GB SSD for Music

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Modem / Router from my Provider Vodafone Cable
Core via LAN to the Router

Connected Audio Devices

Cambridge Evo 150 via LAN
Bluesound Node 2i via LAN

Number of Tracks in Library

4.000 Tracks from Tidal and Qobuz

Description of Issue

A short time after the Update to 952, now I can’t see Album Covers, can’t play Music and don`t reach the Server for an Update.

I have reinstalled the Roon OS and renew the folder of the Roon Server, tried to use Backups after Reset of the database.

When I try to update to 970 I get an error message.

The System ran well for a year, but now I have no further Idea what to do. Can you please check, if there is an issue with my account.

Best regards

The current build is 970 so I would get an update running

Try from the GUI maybe via http://rock.local assuming you have not renamed your core

What is the error message, and what are you doing to trigger it? Thanks.

The Core try`s to reach the Update Server but it fails…

As @wizardofoz has suggested, go to the Web Administration page of your ROCK server, and try reinstalling the Operating System.

All possible Options there, i have done…

The screen shot shows it’s been running for 12 days so I doubt the reinstall was effected. Better try again

After restart the Roon Server Software the Core updates to 970. But there is still the problem that no Album Covers were displayed.

You seem to have a networking issue. Reboot everything from the router outward

Could be dns settings too

Maybe, but where i have to search. There are no changes in the configuration of the network since the first installation of rock. It works fine for the last year.

Hi @Thorsten_Noerenberg ,

Can you please access your ROCK logs using these instructions, upload a set, and let us know once you’ve uploaded them? Thanks!

Hi Noris,

thank you for your intervention. Three compressed folders are uploaded.

Hi @Thorsten_Noerenberg,

There are some timeout errors in the diagnostic logs from your Core when it’s recently attempted to update, matching your original report. Additionally, the logs show some unexpected errors around image downloading, as expected from your screenshot.

My guess is that some network settings changed on your router, perhaps after an automatic firmware update, and something is now interfering with your Core’s connection to our servers.

To verify, your Core is hardwired via ethernet to the router, and not WiFi?

Do you have any additional network hardware in this setup, like access points, powerline adapters, additional third-party routers, etc.?

If your Vodafone router has a GUI for adjusting settings, check to see if there are any security settings enabled. It’s also possible there are issues with DNS, since you’re using the default DNS options from Vodafone and our users have experienced issues in that circumstance before.

I recommend briefly reading this article.

DNS is something you would be able to change in the graphical interface of your router I mentioned above. If you’re unable to adjust any settings on your Vodafone router, I suggest investing in a third-party router to expand your networking capabilities, as in-built settings may be the issue in that case.

Please let me know if I can clarify further, and we’ll be here to assist.

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So, after replacing the original Vodofone Router with a AVM Modem / Router i get connection to the Roon Server. It seems to be fine so far.
Thank you for your support !

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