No DHCP request RoPieeeXL pi3-2022.8.1-stable

My Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ with RoPieeeXL is not requesting an IP.

When connecting a display, it tells me it is waiting for an internet connection.

I don’t see anything happening on my router. The two ethernet port lights blink simultaneously once every few seconds.

The image used: ropieeexl_ose_pi3-2022.8.1-stable.20220814.522.bin

To be sure my equipment is working I flashed 2022-09-22-raspios-bullseye-arm64-lite.img.xz and that works. It requests an IP, my router hands out an IP and I can login.

How should I troubleshoot this further?

Revisiting this: it was a router configuration issue on my end.

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