No digital sound from Meridian 218

Can anyone tell me what firmware their 218 runs? My 218 seems to have lost all digital outputs (SL, and S/PDIF).

The speakers are OK as I’ve checked them using the same source the 218 isn’t passing though with an AC200 I had lying around. My firmware is 1.1, build 218. I also tried SL out into the AC200 and there was no joy.

The inputs appear fine as the 218 gets a lock on the digital in and Roon is showing that music is playing on the unit.

SL out is set to on.

Many thanks.

Have you rebooted it? Always worth a try

Mine is version 1.1 build 218

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Thanks Chris. Nice idea but no joy.

Same as Chris, 1.1, build 218.

Have you looked around the Sources and Audio Output sections of the 218s web interface?

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“1.1 build 218”

I’ve had regular / consistent problems with my 218, which is installed ‘in series’ with my 861v8 - and results in total loss of sound.
The culprit is a ‘bad connection’ caused by one of the ethernet cables. After that was replaced, occasionally I’ve had to give all the cables a wiggle & power-off / on the 218 again.

Worth a try, but as others have mentioned, may be something to do with your set-up.

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I sent my 218 to my excellent dealer who reported no problems at all.

When he sent it back I plugged it in to the same setup as before and there was sound.


Interesting…I wonder if you had a similar problem to mine…

I would suggest - based on my own experience - which is ongoing (this occurs ‘regularly’) - that you ensure all the LAN cables are decent quality & the terminations look good, that the cables aren’t hanging / under tension and that the back of the 218 is easily accessible - so that you can give the cables a wiggle from time-to-time or pull the power out for a full reset.

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I too suffer in this way; the cats are to blame in my case. They do love to chew cables…

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