No download button in Roon Arc

Hey folks,
Reading the Arc documentation, I should see a downloads button on the Arc homepage. From here I can click “find something to download “ which I presume will show me my local content that I can download. I understand I can’t download qobuz.

Problem is I can’t see the downloads button when connect to hotel wifi.

Arc has connected to my core successfully but I am wondering is the problem that I can only down load when I am physically connect to the same Wi-Fi as my core? Ie at home.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Hey Maurice,

Do you have local files on your core? ARC can only download your local files.

Hey Michael,
Yea, I have 1000’s of local files in wav format on the core.

There is a setting that disables downloading on cell networks, but:

  1. It should still be possible to download on any wifi, not just at home, and
  2. Even if “only on wifi” is enabled, the download button should still be there for local albums while the phone is on the cell network. Just that you get a warning when you click it:

So that can’t be it. You ARE looking at an individual album page, yes? Because you wrote:

but the button to download an album is top right for each individual album. Like this:

When you are on the ARC home page, you get this button:

And clicking this gets you to the downloaded albums:

So on the home page I expect to see the downloads button you highlighted above but this is all I see. No downloads button in the top right.

Thanks for updating that I should be able to download even when away.

Seems like a software issue.


That’s clearly not right. Is your ARC app up to date?
(Nice recent activity by the way especially the Aphex Twin peeking in :slight_smile: )

Yep arc updated with latest. Funny you mention Aphex Twin, my wife thought it was the hotel elevator music today. I’m rethinking her Christmas present​:joy::joy:


@michael Something seems not right here

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And if you go to an album that you have locally, the download button for the album is not there either?

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That is indeed strange. I’ll see what logs are saying.

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Hi @Maurice_Downes,

Thanks for the report and for your patience while we investigated.

After reviewing recent ARC diagnostics from your account, there are image timeouts related to what appears to be the enterprise-grade IT networking and security firm behind the hotel’s WiFi setup (a company called, which has prevented other users from connecting to ARC entirely via their work office WiFi). I strongly suspect the hotel WiFi connection is filtering out content available from ARC due to this corporate security.

Are there any other images missing, like album artwork? You’d most likely experience dropouts and playback failures, or difficulty searching, under these conditions as well. Any of those symptoms would corroborate the theory. In their absence, however, we’ll continue to investigate what might be going on, so let us know if anything else is fishy here.

Thanks again.

Hi Conor,

It looks like my QNap storage failed while I was away. This is where I store my ripped music.

Have just rebooted it and now I see the download button.

It becomes difficult to remember what is a local file and what is not after a while with multiple versions of same album.

Wonder could Roon Arc show storage settings like roon remote. Roon remote was able to show the folder had failed to connect.

Thanks again to all who helped triage this issue.



Hi @Maurice_Downes,

Thank you for the update, and we’re glad to hear that the issue resolved. I hope you have a chance to enjoy downloaded content on your next trip, in that case.

Reviewing logs, it’s possible that a combination of the temporary storage location loss and the hotel Wi-Fi filtering due to some security features led to this unique symptom. We’ll certainly keep an eye out moving forward, and please reach out if you encounter something similar again.

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