No DSD Multichannel on Altitude 32

In my system, Roon is running on an Intel NUC running ROCK with a fast i7 chip and tons of memory. I’m sending multichannel audio files to an Altitude 32. Multichannel PCM works flawlessly, but when I try to send DSD multichannel files, the track appears to play but I only get dead silence. Here’s what Roon is sending to my unit.

This should work, right? Is there some setting in Roon or the Trinnov that I need to change?

OK, I did a little digging and when I changed the setting for max resolution tp 96Hz, it works perfectly. The Altitude is new and I hadn’t tried playing any file at a higher resolution than 96/24 before. I just discovered that I have the same problem trying to play a 192/24 PCM file. This is a Roon Ready device reporting that it can play 192/24 PCM (which agrees with the official specs for the Altitude 32). So the Altitude should play these files at greater than 96KHz, but it doesn’t. What’s wrong?

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Keep in mind, what rates that are listed as Input Rates are what the device can accept as an input; and can be different than what it actually processes at. For example, Chord DACs can accept a DSD input, but, immediately converts it to PCM to process. Most Room Correction systems process at set rates ( aka Dirac). The Trinnov seems to be able to process the signal natively at 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, or 96k; or that is my read on the research I have done.

I always call (or email) the company’s tech support line directly to ask such questions. In this case, I would ask them to give me a walkthrough of how the Altitude processes the incoming signal and at what rates.