No DSP available?


I have no settings for the PEQ. I have an Argon SOLO Roon endpoint and some SONOS speakers. I can enable the PEQ, but nowhere to edit the
PEQ. Do I need to turn DSP on somewhere in the settings?

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Certain features are only available on larger displays or the desktop version on Roon. That includes DSP.

Larger displays? What does that mean? It does not make sense, that I would not be able to adjust DSP on my iPhone. I thought my core did the processing? I have Roon server installed on a headless Mac mini.

An iPhone display is too small for the parametric equalizer, so it isn’t available on mobile devices.

That explains it. Thanks :+1:t2:

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If you’d like to be able to change DSP settings from your phone you can save different settings as presets on your core and you’ll then be able to select those presets on your phone.

Thanks! I use a Roon server (no gui), so unfortunately there’s no way for me to create presets, as I only have my phone to control the core.

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What platform do you host Roon Server?

I would invest in a cheap table then as a remote, the phone ui is lacking in more than just the full DSP controls. Far better layout and focus on tablet or pc.

Mac os. I know there is a GUI version, but I like to have a easy to run setup.


For the time being buying a tablet is not an option for me.


There’s no problem running Roon Server and Roon on the same machine. Use the GUI to setup EQ presets etc., and point this to the Server app. When not in use, close it down.

Im not sure if there is a similar workaround for iOS but on Android you can change the display resolution to trick roon remote into thinking it is a tablet to allow you to edit DSP.

I have been asking for DSP on mobile for a while now but I don’t think it is high up on the priority list.

It was a conscious decision not to include it on mobile devices; there’s insufficient screen space for the functionality.