No DSP on the iPhone, but what about switching PEQ presets?

I have this setup where I have multiple zones. One of the zones is in my bedroom. On my nightstand there are 3 headphones and an amp connected to a dac in the living room and the dac connected to a computer running Roon. I’m using my iPhone as a remote for Roon. But, as you can imagine, I switch headphones because I have multiple, which means I need to change my PEQ preset (I have created one for each headphone I own). But the iPhone doesn’t show the menu option called DSP Engine to be able to change the PEQ preset. I do have an iPad but that sits in the living room to control Roon for the zone dedicated to my speakers. The iPad doesn’t move from there, since it’s the large pro version and it has a keyboard attached. So it’s a pain to get the iPad in my room where I don’t have any space left on my nightstand to place it. And this is my problem. I would like to request that in a future update we can change the preset on the fly on smaller screens like the smartphone screens. I don’t need to change the PEQ; all I want is to select from a list of presets that I have created.

Also, if someone knows a way to achieve this on the phone that I’m not aware of, please share.


Any news on this? Is it at least being considered? I find this essential for my workflow.

I second the need for this. I understand not being able to edit, but I’d like to switch between DSP Presets when I use my iPhone with Hugo, for instance.

Any news about this? Its been 8 months…

So Roon 1.6 is out and theres a dsp button when selecting a zone on the iPhone but theres still no way of changing the PEQ presets. This is outrageous! This is a year old request with a promise to fix. This is such an easy thing to do. Just give me a list of presets and let me select one. Now I have to create multiple DSP presets for the same damn device just to have different PEQ presets. This is insane. I’m very frustrated with this. I lay down in my bed, switch headphones and oh no…i have to walk to my living room where the iPad is (its stationary since its used to control the music on the stereo system) and change the PEQ preset and then go back to bed in my bedroom. I do this almost daily. Thanks for the physical exercise guys. :confused: Im so disappointed in Roon right now. Look, i understand its a silly request for you but it makes a huge difference for me. And its so easy to implement.

It’s only easy to implement in the sense that sure, a developer could stick an ugly dropdown in the UI and make it work. Doesn’t mean it is a good design.

There’s a lot more to product design than that…we gave real thought to this, thought through the DSP product as a whole, reflected on the fact that very often multiple DSP filters work together to get the intended result, and decided that flipping the top-level preset made way more sense than elevating the EQ presets in importance or risking confusion by trying to cram two similar preset pickers into a small screen area.

Your use case can be met by setting up toplevel presets for each of your common listening scenarios. If you are still walking over to the iPad it’s because you appreciate the exercise :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand what you are saying. Im a software developer myself. I know how these decisions are made. However, selecting a DSP preset it still is a pain the butt because I review a ton of audio equipment on my YouTube channel and I make a DSP preset for each and every one of those DACs. So now I have to choose between dozens of DSP presets. I’m not deleting them because I still have some of them or I get them back to use them in a combo or a complete system. So I don’t wanna waste time recreating the presets. So, yeah, this solves zero issues.