No ethernet possibility/basic setup question?

Rookie ignorance, here…
I currently have Roon on a dedicated minicomputer connected directly by USB cable to a Peachtree Nova 125se integrated amp with DAC.
Because the Nova has to be close to the speakers, and because the minicomputer has to be close to the Nova, I can’t get the computer/Roon Core in the same room as my router, and I can’t run ethernet cable to the room where my system is.
I keep reading that a Roon Core MUST be hardwired to a router. Is that really the case? What is the best solution to my situation?

IF your RoonCore has all the music local to it and is directly connected to the DAC; then you can get away with having it on WiFi because it is all just control points. HOWEVER, if you are going to use streaming sources then you might encounter connection issues due to WiFi.

The only way to tell if it will work for you is to just try it. WiFi is so affected by environmental and network issues, that it might work for one person and not for another.

Cable runs can be made for about $200. How impassable are your ethernet obstacles? This is a mild, respectful challenge to you to examine the possibility of an ethernet run one more time.

My Mac Mini is currently wireless and I stream maybe 40% from Tidal in MQA but I use home plugs connected to the router for most of my endpoints. They’re cheaper enough at about £35 a pair to give it a try.


2nd thumbs up for home plugs.

Just a cautionary note on homeplugs. The roon advice is NOT to use them as they have caused problems.(and let’s not get into their noise polluting your mains)
Much like the WiFi connection they are suck it and see as they are very dependent on the installation environment.

@MikeC, if it’s working fine as is, you could just leave well enough alone and enjoy the music. My core is currently wired, but ran perfectly well wireless when trialling using a laptop.

You might try two things, neither of which should cost you much…

If you have another computer you could press into use, hard wire the core to your router and install Roon Bridge on the other; connect ‘other’ to the Peachtree using usb.

Buy (borrow?) a long Ethernet patch cable and just wire the core where it is across the floor and through the doors. It only needs to stay there long enough to see if it makes any difference to anything.

Neither of these (especially the trailing cable!) need be permanent, but might help you decide what - if anything - you actually need to change. Don’t spend money fixing a problem you don’t have!

Thanks, All…good suggestions and information!
I’ll play around a bit and see what I learn.

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