No fast scroll in Android phone?

I am brand new to Roon and started out controlling it on my iPad. It is wonderful, but a couple of years of using Bubbleupnp has shifted my preference to using my Android phone for remote control purposes. But when I tried the android version of Roon, I was baffled. I have my catalog organized by album – I’ve tagged it so that it is alphabetical by last name of the composer/performer. When in album view, it should be a snap to scroll down to find what I want.

Unless I am missing something, there is no way to fast scroll down thru the alphabet, like there is horizontally on the ipad or the computer version of Roon. This is really a showstopper – as in, unusable! For example, I swiped 31 times just to get to the bottom of the "B"s – not even thru Beethoven! With this level of (non)functionality I’d never listen to Wagner again. I have played around with maybe a dozen remotes, including Bubbleupnp, and they all have something like a fast scroll.

On the positive side, Roon sounds better than any player I’ve ever heard, and using my iPad isn’t the end of the world. But I am hoping I am missing something and/or this is being addressed. Thanks. – David

Yup, the Android phone app is not very user friendly at all. I too just came from BubbleUPnP (and Minimserver). I have a very large library so being able to jump to a specific first letter and do fast scrolling is essential to me. I understand the Android tablet app is more similar to the desktop app so I am going to pick up a used tablet to act only as a remote. I am baffled why BubbleUPnP can offer really good library browsing but Roon cant, especially for >$100/year! To be frank, if I didnt need someway to control HQPlayer I would not have purchased Roon but HQP sounds so good I had to take the plunge.

Sorry not really a solution.

@tboooe Thanks. The lack of reply from anyone at Roon leads me to believe it is not much of a priority for them. Had anyone there actually tried to use it with a library larger than 100 albums, I doubt they would have released it as is. It’s a small ding in an otherwise impressive product.

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Do you not have the alpha navigation option in the Android app ? I don’t run any android here so cannot check.

I use this a lot on the ipad to get to specific parts of my (very large) library

Nick – Thanks for the suggestion-- I will check and report back here. – David

No alpha navigation in the phone app. I am hopeful the tablet will have it. I am buying one just for this reason.

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+1 for this. Basically can’t use Android phone interface to browse collection.

+1 on this. Love Roon but way too hard to scroll through my collection.