No (Meridian) audio zone’s

Yesterday I moved to my new appartement (new network). Roon works fine, but Roon doesn’t see my two Meridian endpoints (818v3 and Ultra Dac). I can see both devices (IP adress) in my network. I have disabled my firewall, but still no endpoints…anyone an idea?

Hi Patrick, it might help if you also specify what router you are using as it sounds like a network issue. If you have changed router, some routers don’t play well with the Sooloos protocol.
Check that you can find the ID41 card IP address and that you can access it through the Meridian iOS app to make sure there is a connection (the 818v3 can be controlled through the App as well as access to Roon -I know as I have one but not fortunate enough to own the UltraDac). You may also want to disable IGMP proxying in your router settings (I believe this has been an issue in the past for some users).
Windows now asks (at least on first time usage) to authorise each device for use on the network if relevant.
It could also just be temperamental but I am sure someone from tech support will help you find the issue otherwise.
If you have anti-virus or network protection software this may require you authorising Roon and its protocols in the App by making it a permanent exception (you won’t want to keep the firewall permanently off).

FYI you should find the IGMP in the Setup WAN menu. If you are running a 10G network that has also been a problem for me in the past (no issue with Gigabit ethernet)