No Metadata on Roon and no metadata in AllMusic

Many Italian editions of my records are not recognized by Roon and are not even on AllMusic. In these cases the works are not recognized as such and are not registered under the respective composer.
How should I do when I encounter these albums? Is there a way to tell Roon of what the work is and what a composer is it?
This is an example. This 2 CDs album contains Bach’s sonate and partite for violin but Roon does not recognize and therefore does not assign their work to the composer.

Tell Roon to prefer your metadata for the albums in question.

There isn’t right now, but we’re planning a lot of work for later this year that will help here. This will include full editing of composers and works (and other links in Roon), possible addition of new data sources, and a full overhaul of our classical feature set.

Once this work is complete, I think the changes should address the issues you’ve raised. For now, just know that we’re aware of these problems and working to improve Roon’s handling of classical music.


Ok, I tell Roon to use my metadata and now every tracks is a work. :weary:

…because you haven’t followed the correct format. You need the work name at the start of each track name, before the movement number, like this:

Concerto for violin & strings, BWV 1042: I.
Concerto for violin & strings, BWV 1042: II.
Concerto for violin & strings, BWV 1042: III.

And you need genre “Classical” (or a classical sub-genre) which I can see you don’t have. You can put that in the file tags.

(@mike you’ll be pleased that I’ve just deleted the 300 words on file tags, metadata sources, metadata mining, and future-proofing which I just wrote here ;))

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Yes, I discovered this rule for identifying works quite by accident. So now I can do some further work on my own metadata when Roon can’t help.

I’m sure that there must be other rules; it would be very useful to have these explicitly listed somewhere to help us with managing our metadata…

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We’re working on a Knowledge Base. Documenting everything will be an ongoing process, but we’re hoping to have something live in the next few weeks.

Oh, and thanks @Ludwig! :wink:

You’re most welcome, as always! :wink:

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Ok! This solution is right. Now Roon detect the works and stores it appropriately under the composer.
But it creates another problem.
Albums that Roon recognizes alone are stored according to the Anglo-Saxon notation, while my tags have the Italian notation. In this way I find two versions of the same work:
Anglo-Saxon notation: Violin Sonata No. 1 in G minor, BWV 1042
Italian notation: Sonata per violino nr. 1 in Sol Minore, BWV1042


The solution to that is a huge amount of equivalence work in the future, I fear, right @mike?

While Roon does have multilingual metadata sources, and intends to be an international application, mixing languages is always going to be a major problem for metadata.

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One more comment about these rules. I haven’t mentioned the composer being present, because the OP said he had inserted one. But just for clarity, having a composer is necessary for work clumping to function.

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Other software have solutions to this problem (see MusiChi) :grin: